United States

Known as Full name

Art and Architecture

Howard Crane Charles Howard Crane architect known for theaters across US built in 1920s
Buckminster Fuller Richard Buckminster Fuller 20th century architect, inventor, author, futurist
Burrall Hoffman Francis Burrall Hoffman 20th century architect
Quincy Jones Archibald Quincy Jones 20th century architect and urban planner who pioneered greenbelts and green design
Fay Jones Euine Fay Jones 20th century architect
Albert Lansburgh Gustave Albert Lansburgh architect known for luxury cinemas and theaters built in 1920s
I. Rice Pereira Irene Rice Pereira 20th century abstract expressionist painter
Jackson Pollock Paul Jackson Pollock major figure in abstract expressionist movement
Neel Reid Joseph Neel Reid early 20th century Atlanta architect
Paterson Ross Thomas Paterson Ross architect responsible for much of San Francisco’s rebuilding after 1906 earthquake
Craig Severance H. Craig Severance designed New York City skyscraper now known as the Trump Tower
J. Otto Schweizer Jakob Otto Scheizer sculptor, Lincoln statue at Gettysburg
George Stewart John George Stewart Eisenhower appointee as Architect of the Capitol, 1954-70
R. Lewis Teague Roscoe Lewis Teague 20th century painter
Stewart Williams Emerson Stewart Williams California-based architect of 20th century
Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. 20th century architect and landscape architect
Harold Zook Roscoe Harold Zook 20th century architect

Business and Finance

Daniel Abraham S. Daniel Abraham founder, Slim-Fast Foods
Vincent Astor William Vincent Astor businessman, philanthropist; son of John Jacob Astor IV
Prestley Blake S. Prestley Blake co-founder of Friendly’s Ice Cream
William Brosnan D. William Brosnan president, U.S. Southern Railway, 1962-1967
Truett Cathy Samuel Truett Cathy founder, Chick-fil-A restaurant chain
Graham Clayton William Graham Clayton , Jr. president, Amtrak, 1982-1993
Stanley Crane L. Stanley Crane president, U.S. Southern Railway, 1977-1980
John Doerr L. John Doerr venture capitalist, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers
Christopher Flowers J. Christopher Flowers founder of JC Flowers & Co.
Steve Forbes Malcolm Stevenson Forbes, Jr. CEO, Forbes, Inc.
J. Paul Getty Jean Paul Getty founder, Getty Oil Company
Tom Golisano Blase Thomas Golisano founder, Paychex payroll processor
J. Michael Goodson J. Michaell Goodson CEO, Crest Ultrasonics Corp.
Roland Harriman Edward Roland Noel Harriman financier, philanthropist; son of railroad baron E.H. Harriman
Reed Hastings Wilmot Reed Hastings founder and CEO, Netflix
Jack Heinz Henry John Heinz II CEO H.J. Heinz Co., 1941-66
Augustus Heinze Frederick (or Fritz) Augustus Heinze 19th century copper baron
Barron Hilton William Barron Hilton co-chairman, Hilton Hotel chain
Wayne Hughes Bradley Wayne Hughes founder and chairman , Public Storage
Wayne Huizenga Harry Wayne Huizenga grew Blockbuster Video and Waste Management, Inc.
Brewster Jennings Benjamin Brewster Jennings founder, Mobile Oil
Fisk Johnson Herbert Fisk Johnson III CEO, S.C. Johnson & Son (formerly Johnson Wax)
Curtis Johnson Samuel Curtis Johnson head of Johnson Diversity
Robert Kidder C. Robert Kidder Chairman of Chrysler Group LLC
Stan Kroenke Enos Stanley Kroenke founder, Kroenke Group
Stanley Marcus Harold Stanley Marcus former CEO, Nieman Marcus, 1950-53
J. Willard Marriott John Willard Marriott founder, Marriott International
E. Pierce Marshall Everett Pierce Marshall former president, Koch Industries
J. Howard Marshall James Howard Marshall oil magnate
J. Howard Marshall II James Howard Marshall II owner and president, MDH Industries
Jim McNerny Walter James McNerny, Jr. CEO, Boeing Company, 2005-present
Edward McVaney C. Edward McVaney cofounder and former CEO, JD Edwards Corp.
Ezra Merkin Jacob Ezra Merkin Chairman, GMAC
J. Pierpont Morgan /JP Morgan John Pierpont Morgan steel magnate and financier
Rupert Murdoch Keith Rupert Murdoch founder, News Corporation and Fox Network
Jerry Perenchio Andrew Jerrold Perenchio former chairman and CEO, Univision
H. Ross Perot Henry Ross Perot, Sr. founder, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and Perot Systems; Independent candidate for US President 1992 & 1996
Ross Perot, Jr. Henry Ross Perot, Jr. CEO, Perot Systems
James Phelan J. James Phelan co-owner, Burkart-Phelan, Inc.
T. Boone Pickens Thomas Boone Pickens founder, BP Capital Management
T. Rowe Price Thomas Rowe Price, Jr. founder, investment firm T. Rowe Price
Joe Ricketts J. Joseph Ricketts founder, TD Ameritrade
Pete Ricketts John Peter Ricketts former COO, Ameritrade
A. Barry Rand Addison Barry Rand CEO, AARP
Kevin Rose Robert Kevin Rose cofounder of Internet start-ups Revision3 and Pownce, and social-bookmarking website Digg
John Rosenwald E. John Rosenwald, Jr. Vice-Chairman Bear Sterns
Denny Sanford Thomas Denny Sanford chairman and CEO, United National Corp.; founder, Premier Bankcard
O. Griffith Sexton Ormond Griffith Sexton former investment banker, Morgan Stanley
Bruton Smith Ollen Bruton Smith founder, Speedway Motorsports; owner of five NASCAR racetracks
Allen Stanford Robert Allen Stanford chairman , Stanford Financial Group
Alfred Taubman Adolph Alfred Taubman real estate developer, owner of twenty-three shopping malls
Ted Turner Robert Edward Turner, III founder, cable television network CNN
Roy Vagelos Pinderos Roy Vagelos former CEO, Merck & Co.
Rob Walton Samuel Robson Walton heir and chairman, Wal-Mart
Montgomery Ward Aaron Montgomery Ward inventor of mail-order business; founder, Montgomery Ward & Co.
Ty Warner H. Ty Warner founder and owner, Ty, Inc.; creator, Beanie Babies
Payne Whitney William Payne Whitney investor in banking, tobacco, railroads, mining, and oil
Scott Yeager F. Scott Yeager former Enron executive


Stage and Screen

Murray Abraham Fahrid Murray Abraham 1984 Oscar for Best Actor, Amadeus
Casy Affleck Caleb Casey Affleck Robert Ford in 2007 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Bridgette Andersen Mariah Bridgette Andersen played title role in 1982 Savannah Smiles
Linden Ashby Clarence Linden Garnet Ashby III Johnny Cage in 1995 Mortal Kombat
Ed Asner Yitzak Eddie Asner Lou Grant in TV’s “Mary Tyler Moore Show”
Brooks Atkinson Justin Brooks Atkinson theater critic for the New York Times, 1925-1960
Richard Basehart John Richard Basehart Admiral Nelson in TV’s “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”
Warren Beatty Henry Warren Beatty actor, producer; Oscar for Best Director Reds
Hugh Beaumont Eugene Hugh Beaumont father onTV’s “Leave It to Beaver”
Richard Beymer George Richard Beymer Tony in 1961 film version of West side Story
Alixis Bledel Kimberly Alexis Bledel Rory in TV’s “Gilmore Girls”
Victor Buono Charles Victor Buono father in Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964)
Gary Busey William Gareth Jacob Busey, Sr. nominated for Best Actor for title role in 1978 The Buddy Holly Story
Jake Busey William Gareth Jacob Busey, Jr. actor, Contact (1997), Tomcats (2001)
Scott Caldwell Laverne Scott Caldwell Rose in TV’s “Lost”
Macdonald Carey Edward Macdonald Carey Dr. Tom Horton in TV’s “Days of Our Lives”
Richard Chamberlain George Richard Chamberlain TV’s “Dr. Kildare,”1983 miniseries “The Thorn Birds”
Montgomery Clift Edward Montgomery Clift four-time Academy Awards nominee for Best Actor, 1948-62
Broderick Crawford William Broderick Crawford movies tough guy 1930s-80s
Tyne Daly Ellen Tyne Daly Emmy Award winning actress, Maxine Gray on TV’s “Judging Amy”
Roger Davis Courken Jon Roger Davis, Jr. best known for roles in TV’ “Dark Shadows” and “Alias Smith and Jones”
Bette Davis Ruth Elizabeth Davis Academy Award for Best Actress 1935 and ’38
Brandon De Wilde Andre Brandon De Wilde child actor; Joey in Shane (1953)
Faye Dunaway Dorothy Faye Dunaway Academy Award for Best Actress in 1976 Network
Lee Ermey Ronald Lee Ermey screen and voice actor 1970s-present
Dakota Fanning Hannah Dakota Fanning child actress, Lily in 2008 Secret Life of Bees
Elle Fanning Mary Elle Fanning child actress; Phoebe in 2008 Phoebe in Wonderland
Will Ferrell John William Ferrell comedian, actor, former “ Saturday Night Live” cast member
Clark Gable Willam Clark Gable Academy Award-winning actor; Rhett Butler in 1939 Gone with the Wind
Malcolm Gets Hugh Malcolm Gerard Gets Richard in 1990s TV sitcom “Caroline in the City”
Brad Hall William Bradford Hall 1980s “Saturday Night Live” cast member
Neil Hamilton James Neil Hamilton commissioner Gordon in 1960s TV’s “Batman”
Eileen Heckart Anna Eileen Heckart Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, 1972 Butterflies are Free
Thomas Howell Christopher Thomas Howell film and television actor, producer, director
Anissa Jones Mary Anissa Jones child actress; Buffy on 1960s TV’s “Family Affair”
Lloyd Kaufman Stanley Lloyd Kaufman, Jr. co-founder of independent film studio Troma Entertainment
Stacy Keach Walter Stacy Keach, Jr. Ernest Hemmingway in 1988 TV mini series “Hemingway”
Ashton Kutcher Christopher Ashton Kutcher Michael Kelso in TV sitcom “That ’70s Show”
Hudson Leick Heidi Hudson Leick Callisto in TV’s “Xena: Warrior Princess”
Jack Linkletter Arthur Jack Linkletter TV host
Andie MacDowell Rosalie Anderson MacDowell Rita in 1993 Groundhog Day
Steve McQueen Terence Steven McQueen 1960s and ’70s movie star
Anne Meacham Mary Anne Meacham Broadway and soap opera star
Burgess Meredith Oliver Burgess Meredith trainer in Rocky films; the Penguin in TVs “Batman” series
Epatha Merkerson Sharon Epatha Merkerson supervisor in TV’s “Law and Order”
Bill Mumy Charles William Mumy, Jr. actor, 1960s-present
Jack Nance Marvin John Nance screen actor, 1970s-’90s
Bob Newhart George Robert Newhart comedian, actor; 70s “The Bob Newhart Show”
Renee O’Connor Evelyn Renee O’Connor Gabrielle in TV’s “Xena: Warrior Princess”
Ryan O’Neal Patrick Ryan O’Neal film and TV actor; 1970 Love Story; 1976 Paper Moon
Gregory Peck Eldred Gregory Peck 1962 Oscar for Best Actor as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird
Sam Peckinpah David Samuel Peckinpah film director; The Wild Bunch (1969)
Luke Perry Coy Luther Perry III Dylan McKay in TV’s “Beverly Hills 90210”
Ryan Phillippe Matthew Ryan Phillippe actor; Crash, Flags of our Fathers
Mackenzie Phillips Laura Mackenzie Phillips actress; American Graffiti, TV’s “One Day at a Time”
Brad Pitt William Bradley Pitt actor/producer; Ocean’s Eleven, Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Robert Redford Charles Robert Redford actor/director; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; The Sting; Ordinary People
James Remar William James Remar Richard in TV’s “Sex and the City”
Jane Russell Ernestine Jane Russell actress and sex symbol, 1940s and ’50s
Hal Scardino Albert Harold Hugh Scardino child actor, lead role in The Indian in the Cupboard
Liev Schreiber Isaac Liev Schreiber Tony Award-winning actor
Whit Stillman John Whitney Stillman screenwriter, film director
Oliver Stone William Oliver Stone Academy Award-winning film director, screenwriter
Scottie Thompson Susan Scott Thompson Dr. Jeanne Benoit in TV’s “NCIS”
Lee Van Cleef Clarence Leroy Van Cleef, Jr. best known for roles in 1950s-‘’70s westerns
Emmet Walsh Michael Emmet Walsh film and televison actor, 1970s-present
Orson Welles George Orson Welles writer, director, actor; known for 1938 radio broadcast of“The War of the Worlds”
Bruce Willis Walter Bruce Willis actor; Die Hard series
Debra Winger Mary Debra Winger actress; 1983 Terms of Endearment
Johnny Weismuller Peter John Weismuller 1924 & 1928 Olympic swimmer, actor; movie Tarzan and Jungle Jim
Reese Witherspoon Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon actress; 2001 Legally Blonde
Fay Wray Vina Fay Wray actress; 1930s King Kong
Sean Young Mary Sean Young actress, 1982 Blade Runner, 1987 No Way Out


Gene Autry Orvon Gene Autry “The Singing Cowboy” of 1940s-50s radio, movies, and television
Pat Boone Charles Eugene Patrick Boone popular singer of 1950s
Garth Brooks Troyal Garth Brooks country-western singer/song writer, 1989-present
Micky Dolenz George Michael Dolenz, Jr. member of pop quartet The Monkees, 1965-71
Luke DuBois Roger Luke DuBois composer, performer, video artist, 1990s-present
Isaac Hanson Clarke Isaac Hanson member of Pop rock band Hanson, 1992-present
Taylor Hanson Jordan Taylor Hanson member of Pop rock band Hanson, 1992-present
Fletcher Henderso James Fletcher Henderson pioneering swing and jazz band leader
Shannon Hoon Richard Shannon Hoon lead singer of band Blind Melon, 1985-95
Michael Nesmith Robert Michael Nesmith member of pop quartet The Monkees, 1965-71
Marie Osmond Olive Marie Osmond pop singer; 1970s TV variety show “Donny and Marie”
Wayne Osmond Melvin Wayne Osmond member of 1970s Osmond Brothers quartet
Trent Reznor Michael Trent Reznor musician, singer, songwriter, 1982-present
LeAnn Rimes Margaret LeAnn Rimes country pop singer, songwriter, 1996-present
Ryan Ross George Ryan Ross member of rock band Panic at the Disco, 2004-present
Michael Stipe John Michael Stipe lead vocalist for rock band R.E.M., 1980-present
Ruben Studdard Christopher Ruben Studdard pop, R&B, gospel singer; American Idol
Dionne Warwick Marie Dionne Warwick Grammy-winning singer, actress, activist, 1962-present
Andy Williams Howard Andrew Williams pop singer; TV’s “Andy Williams Show,” 1959-1971
Elliott Yamin Efraym Elliott Yamin American Idol singer
Ace Young Brett Asa Young American Idol singer, actor

Government, Federal

Grover Cleveland Stephen Grover Cleveland President of the United States, 1885-89, 1893-97
Woodrow Wilson Thomas Woodrow Wilson President of the United States, 1913-21
Calvin Coolidge John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. President of the United States, 1923-29
Eleanor Roosevelt Anna Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady, 1933-45
Rosalynn Carter Eleanor Rosalynn Carter First Lady, 1977-81
Dan Quayle James Danforth Quayle Vice President of the United States, 1989-93

Cabinet Secretaries, Presidential Advisors, White House Chiefs of Staff (After 1900)

Spencer Abraham Edward Spencer Abraham Secretary of Energy, 2001-05
Malcolm Baldrige Howard Malcolm Baldrige, Jr. Secretary of Commerce, 1981-87
Roy Blough J. Roy Blough member Council of Economic Advisors, 1950-52
W. Michael Blumenthal Werner Michael Blumenthal Secretary of the Treasury, 1977-79
Ramsey Clark William Ramsey Clark Attorney General, 1967-69
Douglas Dillon Clarence Douglas Dillon Sec. of State, 1959-61; Sec. of the Treasury, 1961-65
Mike Espy Alphonso Michael Espy Secretary of Agriculture, 1993-94
Averell Harriman William Averell Harriman Secretary of Commerce, 1946-48
Glenn Hubbard Robert Glenn Hubbard member Council of Economic Advisors, 2001-03
Hamilton Jordan William Hamilton McWhorter Jordan White House Chief of Staff, 1979-80
Tony Lake William Anthony Kirsopp Lake National Security Advisor, 1993-97
Lewis “Scooter” Libby Irving Lewis Libby Chief of Staff to the Vice President, 2001-05
Greg Mankiw Nicholas Gregory Mankiw Chair of Council of Economic Advisors, 2003-05
Ray Marshall Freddie Ray Marshall Secretary of Labor, 1977-81
David Matthews Forrest David Matthews Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1975-77
Howard McGrath James Howard McGrath Attorney General, 1949-52
Douglas McKay James Douglas McKay Sec. of the Interior, 1953-56
Peter McPherson M. Peter McPherson special assistant to Pres. Ford, head of USAID under Pres.Reagan
William Miller George William Miller Secretary of the Treasury, 1979-81
Frederic Morrow Everett Frederic Morrow President’s Admin. Officer for Special Projects, 1955-61
James Nicholson Robert James Nicholson Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 2005-07
Dean Rusk David Dean Rusk Secretary of State, 1961-69
Strobe Talbott Nelson Strobridge Talbott III Deputy Secretary of State, 1994-2001
William Verity Calvin William Verity, Jr. Secretary of Commerce, 1987-89
Sinclair Weeks Charles Sinclair Weeks Secretary of Commerce, 1953-58
Willard Wirtz William Willard Wirtz Secretary of Labor, 1962-69

Members of Congress, Current (112th Congress)

Todd Akin William Todd Akin Representative from Missouri, 2001-present
Lamar Alexander Andrew Lamar Alexander Senator from Tennessee, 2003-present
Marion Berry Robert Marion Berry Representative from Arkansas, 1997-present
Russ Carnahan John Russell Carnahan Representative from Missouri, 2005-present
Saxby Chambliss Clarence Saxby Chambliss Senator from Georgia, 2003-present
Ben Chandler Albert Benjamin Chandler Representative from Kentucky, 2004-present
Howard Coble John Howard Coble Representative from North Carolina, 1985-present
Thad Cochran William Thad Cochran Senator from Mississippi, 1978-present
Mike Conaway K. Michael Conaway Representative from Texas, 2005-present
Kent Conrad Gaylord Kent Conrad Senator from North Dakota, 1992-present
Nathan Deal John Nathan Deal Representative from Georgia, 1993-present
Jimmy Duncan John James Duncan Representative from Tennessee, 1988-present
Blake Farenthold R. Blake Farenthold Representative from Texas, 2011-present
Randy Forbes James Randy Forbes Representative from Virginia, 2001-present
Scott Garrett E. Scott Garrett Representative from New Jersey, 2003-present
Phil Gingrey John Phillip Gingrey Representative from Georgia, 2003-present
Gene Green Raymond Eugen Green Representative from Texas, 1993-present
Tim Griffin John Timothy Griffin Representative from Arkansas, 20011-present
Morgan Griffith Howard Morgan Griffith Representative from Virginia, 2011-present
Brett Guthrie Steven Brett Guthrie Representative from Kentucky, 2009-present
Tim Holden Thomas Timothy Holden Representative from Pennsylvania, 1993-present
Jerry Lewis Charles Jeremy Lewis Representative from California, 1997-present
Mitch McConnell Addison Mitchel McConnell, Jr. Senator from Kentucky, 1985-present
Mike McIntyre Douglas Carmichael McIntyre II Representative from North Carolina, 1997-present
Brad Miller Ralph Bradley Miller Representative from North Carolina, 2003-present
Mick Mulvaney John Michael Mulvaney Representative from South carolina, 2011-present
Bill Nelson Clarence William Nelson Senator from Florida, 2001-present
Ben Nelson Earl Benjamin Nelson Senator from Nebraska, 2001-present
Alan Nunnelee Patrick Alan Nunnelee Representative from Mississippi, 2011-present
Scott Rigell E. Scott Rigell Representative from Virginia, 2011-present
Pat Roberts Charles Patrick Roberts Senator from Kansas, 1997-present
Phil Roe David Phillip Roe Representative from Tennessee, 2009-present
Austin Scott James Austin Scott Representative from Georgia, 2011-present
Jim Sensenbrenner Frank James Sensenbrenner Representative from Wisconsin, 1979-present
Jeanne Shaheen Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen Representative from New Hampshire, 2009-present
Heath Shuler Joseph Heath Shuler Representative from North Carolina, 2007-present
Adam Smith David Adam Smith Representative from Washington, 1997-present
Steve Southerland William Steve Southerland II Representative from Florida, 2011-present
Jackie Speier Karen Lorraine Jacqueline Speier Representative from California, 2008-present
Mac Thornberry William McClellan Thornberry Representative from Texas, 1995-present
Joe Walsh William Joseph Walsh Representative from Illionis, 2011-present
Ed Whitfield Wayne Edward Whitfield Representative from Kentucky, 2008-present
Bill Young Charles William Young Representative from Florida, 1971-present

Former Members of Congress

Spencer Abraham Edward Spencer Abraham Senator from Michigan, 1995-2001
Wayne Allard Alan Wayne Allard Senator from Colorado, 1997-2009
Scotty Baesler Henry Scott Baesler Representative from Kentucky, 1993-99
Irene Baker Edith Irene Bailey Baker Representative from Tennessee, 1964-65
Cass Ballenger Thomas Cass Ballenger Representative from North Carolina, 1986-2005
Malcolm Baldrige Howard malcolm Baldrige Sr. Representative from Michigan, 1931-33
Gresham Barrett James Gresham Barrett Representative from South Carolina, 2003-2011
Steve Bartlett Harry Steven Bartlett Representative from Texas, 1983-91
Evan Bayh Birch Evan Bayh III Senator from Indiana, 1999-2011
Glenn Beall John Glenn Beall, Jr. Senator from Maryland, 1969-71
Chris Bell Robert Christopher Bell Representative from Texas, 2003-05
Hale Boggs Thomas Hale Boggs, Sr. Representative from Louisiana, 1941-43, 1947-72
Allen Boyd Fred Allen Boyd, Jr. Representative from Florida, 1997-2011
Robin Britt Charles Robin Britt Representative from North Carolina, 1983-85
Max Burns O. Maxie Burns Representative from Georgia, 2003-05
Caldwell Butler Manley Caldwell Butler Representative from Virginia, 1972-83
Gaston Caperton William Gaston Caperton III Representative from West Virginia, 1989-97
Bob Carr Milton Robert Carr Representative from Michigan, 1975-81
Chris Chocola Joseph Christopher Chocola Representative from Indiana, 2003-07
Tom Coleman Earl Thomas Coleman Representative from Missouri, 1976-93
Lawrence Coughlin Robert Lawrence Coughlin Representative from Pennsylvania, 1969-93
Joel Deckard Huey Joel Deckard Representative from Indiana, 1979-83
Mike DeWine Richard Michael DeWine Senator from Ohio, 1995-2007
Elizabeth Dole Mary Elizabeth Hanford Dole Senator from North Caroline, 2003-09
Chet Edwards Thomas Chester Edwards Representative from Texas, 1991-2011
Don Edwards William Donlon Edwards Representative from California, 1963-95
Brad Ellsworth John Bradley Ellsworth Representative from Indiana, 2007-2011
Bill Emerson Norvell William Emerson Representative from Missouri, 1981-96
Mike Espy Alphonso Michael Espy Representative from Mississippi, 1987-93
Terry Everett Robert Terry Everett Representative from Alabama, 1993-2009
Jim Exon John James Exon Senator from Nebraska, 1979-97
Bill Foster George William Foster Representative from Illinois, 2009-2011
Wyche Fowler William Wyche Fowler Senator from Georgia, 1987-93
Webb Franklin William Webb Franklin Representative from Mississippi, 1983-87
Martin Frost Jonas Martin Frost III Representative from Texas, 1979-2005
Foster Furcolo John Foster Furcolo Representative, 1949-52
Greg Ganske John Greg Ganske Representative from Iowa, 1995-2003
Jake Garn Edwin Jacob Garn Senator from Utah, 1974-93
Vaughn Gary Julian Vaughn Gary Representative from Virginia, 1945-65
Slade Gorton Thomas Slade Gorton III Senator from Washington, 1981-87
Bob Graham Daniel Robert Graham Senator from Florida, 1987-2005; Governor, 1979-87
Phil Gramm William Philip Gramm Senator from Texas, 1985-2002
Bill Green Sedgwick William Green Representative from New York, 1978-93
Lamar Gudger Vonno Lamar Gudger, Jr. Representative from North Carolina, 1977-81
Millet Hand Thomas Millet Hand Representative from New Jersey, 1945-56
Denny Hastert John Dennis Hastert Representative from Illinois, 1999-2007
John Heinz Henry John Heinz III Senator from Pennsylvania, 1977-91
Van Hilleary William Vanderpool Hilleary Representative from Tennessee, 1995-2003
Steve Horn John Stephen Horn Representative from California, 1993-2003
Asa Hutchinson William Asa Hutchinson Representative from Arkansas, 1997-2001
Michael Huffington Roy Michael Huffington, Jr. Representative from California, 1993-95
Pat Jennings William Pat Jennings Representative from Virginia, 1955-67
Bennett Johnston John Bennett Johnston, Jr. Senator from Louisiana, 1968-97
Estes Kefauver Carey Estes Kefauver Senator from Tennessee, 1949-63
Bob Kerry Joseph Robert Kerry Senator from Nebraska, 1989-2001
Randy Kuhl John Randy Kuhl Representative from New York, 2005-09
Martin Lancaster Harold Martin Lancaster Representative from North Carolina, 1987-95
Marvin Leath James Marvin Leath Representative from Texas, 1979-91
Marilyn Lloyd Rachael Marilyn Laird Lloyd Representative from Tennessee, 1975-95
Trent Lott Chester Trent Lott Senator from Mississippi, 1989-2007
Bill McCollum Ira William McCollum Representative from Florida, 1981-2001
Andrew McGuire Gene Andrew McGuire Representative from New Jersey, 1975-81
Gunn McKay Koln Gunn McKay Representative from Utah, 1971-81
Tom McMillen Charles Thomas McMillen Representative from Maryland, 1987-93
Alex McMillan John Alexander McMillan Representative from North Carolina, 1985-95
Joe Moakley John Joseph Moakley Representative from Massachusetts, 1973-2001
Walter Norblad Albin Walter Norblad Representative from Oregon, 1946-64
Wayne Owens Douglas Wayne Owens Representative from Utah, 1973-75, 1987-93
Wright Patman John William Wright Patman Representative from Texas, 1929-76
Lane Powers David Lane Powers, Representative from New Jersey, 1933-45
Melvin Price Charles Melvin Price Representative from Illinois, 1946-88
Dan Quayle James Danforth Quayle Senator from Indiana, 1981-89
Frazier Reams Henry Frazier Reams Sr. Representative from Ohio, 1950-55
Chapman Revercomb William Chapman Revercomb Senator from West Virginia, 1943-49, 1956-59
Walter Riehlman Roy Walter Riehlman Representative from New York, 1947-63
Mendel Rivers Lucius Mendel Rivers Representative from South Carolina, 1941-70
Ray Roberts Herbert Ray Roberts Representative from Texas, 1962-81
Kenneth Robinson James Kenneth Robinson Representative from Virginia, 1971-85
Roy Rowland James Roy Rowland, Jr. Representative from Georgia, 1983-95
William Proxmire Edward William Proxmire Senator from Wisconsin, 1957-89
Jim Saxton Hugh James Saxton Representative from New Jersey, 1984-2009
Joe Scarborough Charles Joseph Scarborough Representative from Florida, 1995-2001
Clay Shaw Eugene Clay Shaw Representative from Florida, 1981-2007
Ronnie Shows Clifford Ronald Shows Representative from Mississippi, 1999-2003
French Slaughter Daniel French Slaughter Representative from Virginia, 1985-91
Stuart Symington William Stuart Symington Senator from Missouri, 1953-76
Gene Taylor Gary Eugene Taylor Representative from Mississippi, 1989-2011
Will Taylor James Willis Taylor Representative from Tennessee, 1919-39
Strom Thurmond James Strom Thurmond Senator from South Carolina, 1956-2003
Dina Titus Alice Constandina Titus Representative from Nevada, 2009-2011
Robert Watkins George Robert Watkins Representative from Pennsylvania, 1965-67
Vin Weber John Vincent Weber Representative from Minnesota, 1981-93
Sinclair Weeks Charles Sinclair Weeks Senator from Massachusetts, 1944
Curt Weldon Wayne Curtis Weldon Representative from Pennsylvania, 1987-2007
Irving Whalley John Irving Whalley Representative from Pennsylvania, 1960-72
William Whitehurst George William Whitehurst Representative from Virginia, 1969-87
Larry Winn Edward Lawrence Winn Representative from Kansas, 1967-85

Heads of Federal Agencies and Ambassadors

Sinclair Armstrong James Sinclair Armstrong Chairman of the SEC, 1955-57
C. Fred Bergsten C. Fred Bergsten Assistant Secretary for International Affairs at US Treasury under Carter administration
A. Bruce Bielaski Alexander Bruce Bielaski director of Bureau of Investigation, 1912-19
Paul Bremer Lewis Paul Bremer director of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq, 2003-04
L. Dean Brown Lewis Dean Brown Ambassador to Jordan, 1970-99
Peter Burleigh Albert Peter Burleigh US Ambassador to United Nations, 1997-99
Graham Clayton William Graham Clayton, Jr. Secretary of the Navy, 1977-79
Bradford Cook George Bradford Cook Chairman of the SEC, 1973
Christopher Cox Charles Christopher Cox Chairman of the SEC, 2008-present
Edward Day James Edward Day Postmaster General, 1961-63
C. Everett Koop Charles Everett Koop Surgeon General of United States, 1981-89
Mark Felt William Mark Felt Deputy Director FBI, 1972-73;“Deep Throat” in Watergate scandal
Richard Fredericks J. Richard Fredericks Ambassador to Switzerland, 1999-2001
W. Craig Fugate William Craig Fugate Administrator Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 2009-present
L. Patrick Gray Louis Patrick Gray Acting Director of the FBI, 1972-73
J. Edgar Hoover John Edgar Hoover first director of FBI, 1935-72
E. Howard Hunt Everette Howard Hunt CIA agent; special investigator for President Nixon
Bert Lance Thomas Bertram Lance director, Office of Management and Budget, 1977
G. Gordon Liddy George Gordon Battle Liddy FBI agent; special investigator for President Nixon
Lee McClung Thomas Lee McClung Treasurer of the U.S., 1909-12
William Middendorf John William Middendorf II Secretary of the Navy, 1974-77
Lynn Pascoe B. Lynn Pascoe UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs, 2004-07
David Paulison Robert David Paulison former Administrator Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Whitten Peters Frederick Whitten Peters Secretary of the Air Force, 1997-2001
Clawson Roop James Clawson Roop director of the U.S. Bureau of the Budget, 1929-1933
Sargent Shriver Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. first director of the Peace Corps, 1961-66
Theodore Tate Harold Theodore Tate Treasurer of the U.S., 1928-29
Robert Tisch Preston Robert Tisch Postmaster General, 1986-1988
Marvin Watson William Marvin Watson Postmaster General, 1968-1969
James Woolsey Robert James Woolsey, Jr. director of the Central Intelligence Agency, 1993-95

Government, State and Local

Governors, Lieutenant Governors

Sherman Adams Llewelyn Sherman Adams Governor of New Hampshire, 1949-53
Lamar Alexander Andrew Lamar Alexander Governor of Tennessee, 1979-87
Elmer Anderson Clyde Elmer Anderson Governor of Minnesota, 1951-55
Hugo Aronson John Hugo Aronson Governor of Montana, 1953-61
Thruston Ballard Samuel Thruston Ballard Lt. Governor of Kentucky, 1919-23
Wally Barron William Wallace Barron Governor of West Virginia, 1961-65
André Bauer R. André Bauer Lt. Governor of South Carolina, 2003 -present
Evan Bayh Birch Evan Bayh III Governor of Indiana, 1989-97
Livingston Beeckman Robert Livingston Beeckman Governor of Rhode Island, 1915-21
Ray Blanton Leonard Ray Blanton Governor of Tennessee, 1975-79
Cale Boggs James Caleb Boggs Governor of Delaware, 1961-73
William Bray M. William Bray Lt. Governor of New York, 1933-38
Owen Brewster Ralph Owen Brewster Governor of Maine, 1925-29
Styles Bridges Henry Styles Bridges Governor of New Hampshire, 1937-61
Melville Broughton Joseph Melville Broughton Governor of North Carolina, 1941-45
Gratz Brown Benjamin Gratz Brown Governor of Missouri, 1871-73
Farris Bryant Cecil Farris Bryant Governor of Florida, 1961-65
Douglass Buck Clayton Douglass Buck Governor of Delaware, 1943-49
Garry Buckley T. Garry Buckley Lt. Governor of Vermont, 1977-79
Haydon Burns William Haydon Burns Governor of Florida, 1965-67
Mike Callihan Collis Michael Callihan Lt. Governor of Colorado, 1987-94
Paul Cellucci Argeo Paul Cellucci Governor of Massachusetts, 1999-2001
Gregg Cherry Robert Gregg Cherry Governor of North Carolina, 1945-49
Grover Cleveland Stephen Grover Cleveland Governor of New York, 1883-85
Howell Cobb Thomas Howell Cobb Governor of Georgia, 1851-1853
LeRoy Collins Thomas LeRoy Collins Governor of Florida, 1955-61
Calvin Coolidge John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. Governor of Massachusetts, 1919-21
Prentice Cooper William Prentice Cooper Governor of Tennessee, 1939-45
Price Daniel Marion Price Daniel Sr. Governor of Texas, 1957-63
Gray Davis Joseph Graham Davis, Jr. Governor of California, 1999-2003
George Deukmejian Courken George Deukmejian, Jr. Governor of California, 1983-91
Victor Donahey Alvin Victor Donahey Governor of Ohio, 1923-29
Winfield Dunn Bryant Winfield Culberson Dunn Governor of Tennessee, 1971-75
Howard Edmondson James Howard Edmondson Governor of Oklahoma, 1959-63
Buford Ellington Earl Buford Ellington Governor of Tennessee, 1959-63, 1967-71
Jim Exon John James Exon Governor of Nebraska, 1971-79
Cliff Finch Charles Clifton Finch Governor of Mississippi, 1976-80
Kirk Fordice Daniel Kirkwood Fordice Governor of Mississippi, 1992-2000
Foster Furcolo John Foster Furcolo Governor of Massachusetts, 1957-61
Joseph Garrahy John Joseph Garrahy Governor of Rhode Island, 1977-85
Bob Graham Daniel Robert Graham Governor of Florida, 1979-87
Bibb Graves David Bibb Graves Governor of Alabama, 1927-31, 1935-39
Marvin Griffin Samuel Marvin Griffin Governor of Georgia, 1955-59
Frank Hanly James Franklin Hanly Governor of Indiana, 1895-97
Averell Harriman William Averell Harriman Governor of NY, 1955-58
Harold LeVander Karl Harold Phillip LeVander Governor of Minnesota, 1967-71
Brantley Harvey William Brantley Harvey, Jr. Lt. Governor of South Carolina, 1975-79
Mike Hayden John Michael Hayden Governor of Kansas, 1987-91
Brad Henry Charles Bradford Henry Governor of Oklahoma, 2003-present
Elmer Holt William Elmer Holt Governor of Montana, 1935-37
Linwood Holton Abner Linwood Holton, Jr. Governor of Virginia, 1970-74
Guy Hunt Harold Guy Hunt Governor of Alabama, 1987-93
Lon Johnson William Lon Johnson Lt. Governor of Washington, 1925-29
Bob Kerry Joseph Robert Kerry Governor of Nebraska, 1983-87
Ray Keyser Frank Ray Keyser, Jr. Governor of Vermont, 1961-63
Proctor Knott James Proctor Knott Governor of Kentucky, 1883-87
Berkeley Larson J. Berkeley Larson Lt. Governor of Idaho, 1955-59
Bracken Lee Joseph Bracken Lee Governor of Utah, 1944-57
T. John Lesinki Thaddeus John Lewinki Lt. Governor of Michigan, 1961-64
Howard McGrath James Howard McGrath Governor of Rhode Island, 1941-45
Douglas McKay James Douglas McKay Governor of Oregon, 1949-52
Jack Mildren Larry Jack Mildren Lt. Governor of Oklahoma, 1991-95
Wayne Mixson John Wayne Mixson Lt. Governor of Florida, 1979-87
Harry Moore Arthur Harry Moore Governor of New Jersey, 1926-29, 1932-35, 1938-41
Ronnie Musgrove David Ronald Musgrove Governor of Mississippi, 2000-04
Ben Nelson Earl Benjamin Nelson Governor of Nebraska, 1991-99
Keith Neville Morell Keith Neville Governor of Nebraska, 1917-19
Lee O’Daniel Wilbert Lee O’Daniel Governor of Texas, 1941-49
William O’Neill Crone William O’Neill Governor of Ohio, 1957-59
Val Oveson W. Val Oveson Lt. Governor of Utah, 1977-79
Rick Perry James Richard Perry Governor of Texas, 2000-present
Gordon Persons Seth Gordon Persons Governor of Alabama, 1951-55
Val Peterson Frederick Valdemar Erastus Peterson Governor of Nebraska, 1947-53
M. Jodi Rell Mary Jodi Rell Governor of Connecticut, 2004-2011
Sargeant Reynolds Julian Sargeant Reynolds Lt. Governor of Virginia, 1970-71
Ann Richards Dorothy Ann Willis Richards Governor of Texas, 1991-95
Bill Ritter August William Ritter, Jr. Governor of Colorado, 2007-2011
Mitt Romney Willard Mitt Romney Governor of Massachusetts, 2002-06
Ben Ross Charles Ben Ross Governor of Idaho, 1931-37
Mike Rounds Marion Michael Rounds Governor of South Dakota, 2003-2011
Terry Sanford James Terry Sanford Governor of North Carolina, 1986-93
Kerr Scott William Kerr Scott Governor of North Carolina, 1949-53
Jeanne Shaheen Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen Governor of New Hampshire, 1997-2003
Allan Shivers Robert Allan Shivers Governor of Texas, 1949-57
Hoke Smith Michael Hoke Smith Governor of Georgia, 1907-09, 1911
Wilbert Snow Charles Wilbert Snow Lt. Governor/Governor of Connecticut, 1945-47
Chauncy Sparks George Chauncy Sparks Governor of Alabama, 1943-47
Fife Symington John Fife Symington Governor of Arizona, 1991-97
Millard Tawes John Millard Tawes Governor of Maryland, 1959-67
Pat Taylor Hoyt Patrick Taylor, Jr. Lt. Governor of North Carolina, 1969-73
Clifford Townsend Maurice Clifford Townsend Governor of Indiana, 1937-41
Ernest Vandiver Samuel Ernest Vandiver, Jr. Governor of Georgia, 1959-63
Emile Verret J. Emile Verret Lt. Governor of Louisiana, 1944-48
Douglas Wilder Lawrence Douglas Wilder Governor of Virginia, 1990-94
Malcolm Wilson Charles Malcolm Wilson Governor of New York, 1973-74
Woodrow Wilson Thomas Woodrow Wilson Governor of New Jersey, 1911-13
Harriette Woods Ruth Harriette Woods Lt. Governor of Missouri, 1985-89

State Officials and Mayors

Ken Blackwell John Kenneth Blackwell Ohio Secretary of State, 1999-2007
Chris Bollwage James Christian Bollwage mayor of Elizabeth, NJ, 2008-present
Ralph Mollis A. Ralph Mollis Rhode Island Secretary of State, 2006-present
Ray Nagin Clarence Ray Nagin, Jr. mayor of New Orleans, 2002-2010
Susan Savage Mary Susan Savage Oklahoma Secretary of State, 2003-present
Douglas Wilder Lawrence Douglas Wilder mayor of Richmond, Va., 2005-09

Judiciary System

Federal Jurists

Steven Agee George Steven Agee Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, 2008-present
Lanier Anderson Robert Lanier Anderson III Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, 1981-present
Arlen Beam Clarence Arlen Beam Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, 1987-present
Spencer Bell Jesse Spencer Bell former Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
Guy Cole Ransey Guy Cole, Jr. Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, 1996-present
Eugene Davis E. Eugene Davis Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, 1983-present
Michael Fisher D. Michael Fisher former Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and Pennsylvania Attorney General
Cullen Ganey James Cullen Ganey former Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Leon Higginbotham Aloyisus Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Former Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Douglas Hohein G. Douglas Hohein former Justice of the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board
Marshall Jarrett H. Marshall Jarrett Chief Counsel and Director, US Dept. of Justice, Office of Professional Responsibility
Grady Jolly E. Grady Jolly Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, 1982-present
Wallace Kent William Wallace Kent former Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
Michael Luttig J. Michael Luttig former Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
Wayne Macveagh Isaac Wayne MacVeagh former U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1940-1949
Blane Michael M. Blane Michael Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, 1993-present
Frank Murphy William Francis Murphy former Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and former U.S. Attorney General
Kenton Musgrave R. Kenton Musgrave Senior Justice of the U.S. Court of International Trade, 1980-present
Jay Plager S. Jay Plager former Senior Circuit Justice for the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Jeffrey Quinn T. Jeffrey Quinn Justice for the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, 1988- present
David Sams J. David Sams Justice of the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, 1981-present
Lee Sarokin Hadden Lee Sarokin former Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Gary Sebelius K. Gary Sebelius federal magistrate judge
Brooks Smith David Brooks Smith Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, 2002 -present
Wallace Tashima Atsushi Wallace Tashima Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 1996-present
Emory Widener Hiram Emory Widener, Jr. former Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
Harvie Wilkinson James Harvie Wilkinson III Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, 1984-present

State Jurists

Calvin Aker J. Calvin Aker former Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court
Jerry Brown Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr. Attorney General of California; former Governor of California
Nick Caporale D. Nick Caporale former Justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court
Lee Chandler A. Lee Chandler former Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court
Bell Cobb Sue Bell Cobb Chief Justice of Alabama, 2006-present
Marshall Cook K. Marshall Cook former Deputy Attorney General of Virginia
Joseph Corran J. Joseph Corran former Attorney General of Maryland
Jeanne Coyne Mary Jeanne Coyne former Justice of the Minnesota State Supreme Court
Drew Edmondson. William Andrew Edmondson Attorney General of Oklahoma, 1995-present
Cary Edwards W. Cary Edwards former Attorney General of New Jersey
Michael Gillette W. Michael Gillette Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court, 1986-present
William Howerton J. William Howerton former Chief Justice of Kentucky Court of Appeals
Clark Hull T. Clark Hull former Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court
Woodrow Lewis James Woodrow Lewis former Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court
Bruce Littlejohn Cameron Bruce Littlejohn former Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court
William O’Neill Crone William O’Neill Chief Justice of Ohio Supreme Court, 1970-78
Ward Reynoldson W. Ward Reynoldson former Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court
Justin Ripley J. Justin Ripley Judge of Third Judicial District of Alaska
Steven Rowe G. Steven Rowe Maine Attorney General, 2001-present
Daniel Stewart I. Daniel Stewart former Justice of the Utah Supreme Court
Denvir Stith Laura Denvir Stith Chief Justice of Missouri, 2001-present
William Sweeney A. William Sweeney former Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
Thomas White C. Thomas White former Justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court
Mennen Williams Gerhard Mennen Williams former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court
Craig Wright J. Craig Wright former Justice of the Ohio State Supreme Court
Clifton Young Clarence Clifton Young former Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court

Lawyers, Legal Scholars

F. Lee Bailey Francis Lee Baily, Jr. high-profile criminal defense lawyer
H. Campbell Black Henry Campbell Black founder of definitive Black’s Law Dictionary
S. Jacob Scherr S. Jacob Scherr senior attorney with Natural Resources Defense Council and director of its International Program

Literature, Journalism, Publishing

L. Frank Baum Lyman Frank Baum author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)
A. Scott Berg Andrew Scott Berg Pulitzer Prize for Biography, 1999
Brent Bozell Leo Brent Bozell III founder of the Media Research Center and Cybercast News Service
Lauriston Bullard Frederic Lauriston Bullard journalist; Pulitzer Prize for Editorial, 1927
R. Carlyle Buley Roscoe Carlyle Buley historian; Pulitzer Prize for History, 1951
Lucille Clifton Thelma Louise Clifton poet, Good Woman
Alistair Cooke Alfred Alistair Cooke British-American journalist and broadcaster
Hart Crane Harold Hart Crane 1920s poet
Michael Crichton John Michael Crichton novelist, producer, director; author of Jurassic Park (1990)
L. Sprague de Camp Lyon Sprague de Camp science fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction writer of 1940s-’60s
L. Franklin Devine L. Franklin Devine producer of television’s “60 Minutes” and “CBS News”
Bruce Dold R. Bruce Dold Editorial page editor, Chicago Tribune; Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing, 1994
Frank Dobie James Frank Dobie writer, columnist; 1964 recipient of the Medal of Freedom
Waldo Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson 19th century philosopher, essayist, poet
F. Scott Fitzgerald Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald novelist; The Great Gatsby (1925)
Allen Ginsberg Irwin Allen Ginsberg poet of 1950s Beat Generation
Zane Gray Pearle Zane Gray author of Old West novels
Dashiell Hammett Samuel Dashiell Hammett author of 1930s detective novels and short stories
J. William Harris J. William Harris Pulitzer Prize finalist for History, 2002
Bret Harte Francis Bret Harte 19th century author and poet; “The Outcasts of Poker Flat”
Burton Heath S. Burton Heath journalist; Pulitzer Prize for Reporting, 1940
DuBose Heyward Edwin DuBose Heyward novelist; Porgy (1924)
John Hughes R. John Hughes Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting, 1967
Langston Hughes James Mercer Langston Hughes Harlem Renaissance poet, novelist, playwright
Brit Hume Alexander Britton Hume, Sr. television journalist and managing editor of Fox News Channel
Don Imus Jon Donald Imus, Jr. radio talk-show host
Fred T. Jane John Fredrick Thomas Jane editor of warship and aircraft reference books
Kent Jones Thomas Kenton Jones televison journalist; contributor to “The Rachel Maddow Show”
Joyce Kilmer Alfred Joyce Kilmer journalist and poet; wrote poem “Trees”
Harper Lee Nelle Harper Lee author of To Kill a Mockingbird (1960); Presidential Medal of Freedom, 2007
Walton Litz Arthur Walton Litz, Jr. literary historian and critic; Princeton professor
J. Anthony Lukas Jay Anthony Lukas journalist; Pulitzer Prize for Special Local Reporting, 1968
Carson McCullers Lula Carson McCullers author, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Thomas Merton Louis Thomas Merton author, poet
N. Scott Momaday Navarro Scott Momaday Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, 1969; House Made of Dawn
Soledad O’Brien Maria de la Soledad Teresa O’Brien television journalist; CNN Special Investigation Unit
Flannery O’Connor Mary Flannery O’Connor novelist; The Violent Bear It Away (1960)
Jane Pauley Margaret Jane Pauley TV journalist; NBC’s “Today” and “Dateline”
Scott Peck Morgan Scott Peck author, The Road Less Taken
Max Perkins William Maxwell Evarts Perkins Scribner & Son’s editor; edited work of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Wolfe, Paton, etc.
Beam Piper Henry Beam Piper sci fi author; Space Viking (1963)
E. Annie Proulx Edna Annie Proulx journalist and author, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, 1994
Damon Runyon Alfred Damon Runyon journalist and writer of short stories; Guys and Dolls (1932)
Diane Sawyer Lila Diane Sawyer television journalist on ABC
Neil Simon Marvin Neil Simon playwright, screen writer; The Odd Couple, Barefoot in the Park
Shepard Smith David Shepard Smith, Jr. TV news anchor on FOX
Thomas Smith W. Thomas Smith journalist, editor, executive director of World Defense Review
F. Gilman Spencer F. Gilman Spencer Pulitzer Prize for editorial, 1974
Margaret Truman Mary Margaret Truman Daniel novelist and biographer of her parents, Harry and Bess Truman
Emmett Tyrrell Robert Emmett Tyrrell founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of The American Spectator
Jessamyn West Mary Jessamyn West novelist; The Friendly Persuasion (1945)
T. Harry Williams Thomas Harry Williams historian; Pulitzer Prize for Biography, 1970
C. Vann Woodward Comer Vann Woodward historian; Pulitzer Prize for History, 1982


J. Ligon Duncan J. Ligon Duncan III Presbyterian minister, author, president of the Council of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
H. Ray Dunning H. Ray Dunning Nazarene theologian
Welton Gaddy C. Welton Gaddy pastor, author, president of Interfaith Alliance
Kenneth Grider J. Kenneth Grider Methodist theologian
Franklin Graham William Franklin Graham, III evangelical missionary, son of evangelist Billy Graham
Laird Harris Robert Laird Harris Presbyterian theologian, founder of Covenant Theological Seminary
R. William Hasker R. William Hasker theologian and author, The Emergent Self (1999)
L. Ron Hubbard Lafayette Ronald Hubbard founder Church of Scientology
Rex Humbard Alpha Rex Emmanuel Humbard televangelist, 1952-1982
Stanley Jones Eli Stanley Jones Methodist missionary and theologian
D. James Kennedy Dennis James Kennedy televangelist, 1974-2006
D. Andrew Kille D. Andrew Kille theologian, author, Psychological Biblical Criticism (2001)
Joyce Meyer Pauline Joyce Hutchinson Meyer televangelist, 1993-2004
Reinhold Niebuhr Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr theologian
Dwight Pentecost J. Dwight Pentecost “End Times” theologian and author
Oral Roberts Granville Oral Roberts televangelist, founder of Oral Roberts University
Gene Scott William Eugene Scott religious broadcaster, 1975-2005

Science, Medicine, and Education

Aeronautics and Astronomy

Julian Allen Harvy Julian Allen director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, 1965-68
Porter (or G.P.) Bridwell Gene Porter Bridwell director of NASA’s Marshall Research Center, 1994-96
Scott Carpenter Malcolm Scott Carpenter Naval test pilot; one of original 1959 Mercury astronauts
Gordon Cooper Leroy Gordon Cooper Colonel USAF; one of original 1959 Mercury astronauts
Scott Crossfield Albert Scott Crossfield aeronautical engineer, test pilot for NACA (predecessor of NASA), 1950-55
Jan Davis Nancy Jan Davis astronaut, 1987-97
Alvin Drew Benjamin Alvin Drew Colonel, USAF; astronaut, 2000-present
Scott Dunbar R. Scott Dunbar astronomer, co-discoverer of eight asteroids
Michael Fincke Edward Michael Fincke Colonel, USAF; astronaut, 1996- present
Richard Fisher J. Richard Fisher astronomer at National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Gordon Fullerton Charles Gordon Fullerton Air Force test pilot; astronaut, 1969-86
Keith Glennan Thomas Keith Glennan first Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 1958-61
David Griggs Stanley David Griggs Navy test pilot; astronaut, 1978-89
Blaine Hammond Lloyd Blaine Hammond, Jr. Colonel, USAF; astronaut, 1984-present
Scott Hubbard G. Scott Hubbard Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, 2002-2006
J. Allen Hynek Joseph Allen Hynek astronomer best remembered for UFO research with U.S. Air Force
David Low George David Low astronaut, 1984-94
Megan McArthur Katherine Megan McArthur astronaut, 2000-present
Christa McAuliffe Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe teacher killed in 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
Curt Michel F. Curtis Michel scientist-astronaut, 1965-69
Story Musgrave Franklin Story Musgrage astronaut
C. Donald Shane Charles Donald Shane astronomer and director of the Lick Observatroy of the University of California, 1945-58
H. Paul Shcuh Howard Paul Shuch aerospace engineer and microwave technologist involved in search for extraterrestrial intelligence
Brent Tully R. Brent Tully astronomer at Institute for Astronomy in Honolulu
Thomas Young A. Thomas Young Director of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, 1980-82

Nobel Laureates

J. Michael Bishop John Michael Bishop Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1989
Carleton Gajdusik C. Carleton Gajdusik Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1976
Robert Horvitz H. Robert Horvitz Nobel Prize in Medicine, 2002
Tim Hunt R. Timothy Hunt Nobel Prize in Medicine, 2001
Gobind Khorana H. Gobind Khorana Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1968
David Politzer H. David Politzer Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004
Sherwood Rowland F. Sherwood Rowland Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1995
Barry Sharpless Karl Barry Sharpless Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2001
Michael Spence A. Michael Spence Nobel Prize in Economics, 2001
Don Thomas Edward Donnall Thomas Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1990

University Scholars, Faculty, Administrators

E. Digby Baltzell Edward Digby Baltzell Sociologist, Professor of History and Sociology at University of Pennsylvania, 1947-86; invented acronym WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)
Doak Barnett Arthur Doak Barnett Columbia University professor , author
Edwards Deming William Edwards Deming Columbia University mathematician, engineer
Bill Domhoff George William Domhoff Research Professor in Psychology and Sociology at University of California, Santa Crus; author of Who Rules America? 1967
Bruce Donoff R. Bruce Donoff Dean, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
M. Judah Folkman Moses Judah Folkman medical scientist; professor at Harvard Medical School
Lee Fritschler A. Lee Fritschler professor of public policy at George Mason University; author
Gordon Gee Elwood Gordon Gee president, Ohio State University
Bart Giamatti Angelo Bartlett Giamatti mathematician; President of Yale College, 1978-1986
J. Richard Gott John Richard Gott professor of astrophysical sciences at Princeton University
G. Stanley Hall Granville Stanley Hall pioneering psychologist and educator; first president of Clark University
Lowell Harriss Clement Lowell Harriss Columbia University economist
John Ikenberry G. John Ikenberry Princeton professor; international relations theorist
King Jordan Irving King Jordan president of Gallaudet University, 1988-2006
Frank Kermode John Frank Kermode Columbia University literature professor, author
Kenneth Koch Jay Kenneth Koch Columbia University professor, poet
Tom Leighton Frank Thomson Leighton MIT professor of applied mathematics; co-founder Akamai Technologies
Perry Link E. Perry Link sinologist, professor at University of California– Riverside
Brander Matthews James Brander Matthews Columbia University professor, author
Wright Mills Charles Wright Mills sociologist; Professor at Columbia University, 1946-62; author of The Power Elite, 1956
Lee Pelton M. Lee Pelton president Willamette University
James Rainwater Leo James Rainwater physicist, Columbia University professor, 1932-86
Taylor Reveley W. Taylor Reveley III president of the College of William and Mary
Guyford Stever Horton Guyford Stever physicist, president of Carnegie Mellon University, 1965-72
G. Malcolm Trout George Malcolm Trout professor in food science at Michigan State University for almost fifty years
G. Ernest Wright George Ernest Wright Old Testament scholar, biblical archaeologist, Harvard professor

Other Science and Medicine

C. Olin Ball Charles Olin Ball food technologist involved in food canning research of 1920s and ’30s
William Beebe Charles William Beebe zoologist, ocean explorer
D. Allan Bromley David Allan Bromley physicist, scientific advisor to Presidents Reagan G.H.W. Bush
Paul Butler R. Paul Butler Discover Magazine’s 2003 “Space Scientist of the Year”
Thomas Caskey C. Thomas Caskey geneticist, editor of Annual Review of Medicine
Chapin Cutler C. Chapin Cutler electrical engineer at Bell Labs
Michael Gear W. Michael Gear archaeologist, author of First North American series
J. Willard Gibbs Josiah Willard Gibbs theoretical physicist, chemist, mathematician; “Gibbs’s Phenomenon”
Gordon Gould Richard Gordon Gould physicist, invented laser
Newton Harvey Edmund Newton Harvey zoologist, expert on light-emitting organisms
Evelyn Hutchinson George Evelyn Hutchinson sociologist; father of American limnology
Charles Kendeigh Samuel Charles Kendeigh ornithologist; cofounder of the Nature Conservatory
Ken Musgrave Forest Kenton Musgrave creator of 3d graphics software Mojo World; CEO of marketer Pandromeda Inc.
Robert Oppenheimer J. Robert Oppenheimer physicist; scientific director of the Manhattan Project
Roger Porter J. Roger Porter internationally known microbiologist
Anthony Rankin E. Anthony Rankin president, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Lee Spence Edward Lee Spence underwater archaeologist and shipwreck expert
David Tilman G. David Tilman director of the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve Long-term Ecological Research Station


Olympic Medalists

Thane Baker Walter Thane Baker Gold , track and field, 1956
Randy Barnes Eric Randolph Barnes Gold , track and field, 1996
Arthur Blake Charles Arthur Blake Silver , track and field, 1896
Ruthie Bolton Alice Ruth Bolton Gold, women’s basketball, 2996, 2000
Herman Brix Harold Herman Brix Silver , track and field, 1928
Ken Carpenter William Kenneth Carpenter Gold , track and field, 1936
Joey Cheek William Joseph Cheek Gold, men’s speed skating, 2006
Wesley Coe William Wesley Coe Silver , track and field, 1904
Jim Delaney Francis James Delaney Silver , track and field, 1948
Gail Devers Yolanda Gail Devers Gold, track and field, 1992, 1996
Harrison Dillard William Harrison Dillard Gold, track and field, 1948, 1952
Paul Drayton Otis Paul Drayton Gold, track and field, 1964
Chandler Egan Henry Chandler Egan Gold, golf, 1904
Archie Hahn Charles Archibald Hahn Gold, track and field, 1904
Truxton Hare Thomas Truxton Hare Silver, track and field, 1900
Glenn Hartranft Samuel Glenn Hartranft Silver, track and field, 1924
Darrow Hooper Clarence Darrow Hooper Silver, track and field, 1952
Clarence Houser Lemuel Clarence Houser Gold, track and field, 1924, 1928
Welles Hoyt William Welles Hoyt Gold, track and field, 1896
Larry James George Lawrence James Gold, track and field, 1968
Bruce Jenner William Bruce Jenner Gold, track and field, 1976
Earl Johnson Richard Earle Johnson Silver, track and field, 1924
Florence Griffith Joyner Delorez Florence Griffith Joyner Gold, track and field, 1988
Al LeConey Jeremiah Alfred LeConey Gold, track and field, 1924
Carl Lewis Frederick Carlton Lewis Gold, track and field, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996
Blaine Lindgren Harold Blaine Lindgren Gold, track and field, 1963
Randy Matson James Randel Matson Gold, track and field, 1968
Terry McDermott Richard Terrance McDermott Gold, men’s speed skating, 1964
Oliver McDonald Joseph Oliver McDonald Gold, track and field, 1924
Ted Meredit James Edwin Meredith Gold, track and field, 1912
Anita Nall Nadia Anita Nall Gold, competitive swimming, 1992
Jack Parker Roger Jack Parker Bronze, track and field, 1936
Lambert Redd Charles Lambert Redd Silver, track and field, 1932
Louis Scott Henry Louis Scott Gold, track and field, 1912
Larry Shields Marion Lawrence Shields Bronze, track and field, 1920
Ginn Smith Owen Ginn Smith Gold, track and field, 1948
Dean Smith Finis Dean Smith Gold, track and field, 1952
Morgan Taylor Frederick Morgan Taylor Gold, track and field, 1924
Walter Tewksbury John Walter Beardsley Tewksbury Gold, track and field, 1900
Eddie Tolan Thomas Edward Tolan Gold, track and field, 1932
Emmett Toppino Martin Emmett Toppino Gold, track and field, 1932
Chris von Saltza Susan Christina von Saltza Gold, competitive swimming, 1960


Kevin Appier Robert Kevin Appier MLB pitcher 1989-2004, last with Kansas City Royals
Scott Baker Timothy Scott Baker Minnesota Twins pitcher since 2005
Paul Bako Gabor Paul Bako MLB catcher since 1998, now with Philadelphia Phillies
Lance Berkman William Lance Berkman Houston Astros first baseman since 1999
Casey Blake William Casey Blake MLB third baseman since 1999, now with Los Angeles Dodgers
Bert Blyleven Rik Aalbert Blyleven MLB pitcher 1970-92, last with California Angels
Kevin Brown James Kevin Brown MLB pitcher 1986-2005, last with New York Yankees
Chris Chambliss Carroll Christopher Chambliss MLB first baseman 1977-81, last with New York Yankees
Roger Clemens William Roger Clemens MLB pitcher 1984-20067, last with New York Yankees
Alex Cora José Alexander Cora MLB infielder since 1998, now with New York Mets
Kyle Davies Hiram Kyle Davies MLB pitcher since 2005, now with Kansas City Royals
Zach Day Stephen Zachary Day MLB pitcher 2002-2006, last with Washington Nationals
Shelley Duncan David Shelley Duncan New York Yankees first baseman/ outfielder since 2007
Damion Easley Jacinto Damion Easley MLB infielder 1992-2008, last with New York Mets
Scott Elarton Vincent Scott Elarton MLB pitcher 1998-2008, last with Cleveland Indians
Shawn Estes Aaron Shawn Estes MLB pitcher 1995-2008, last with San Diego Padres
Adam Everett Jeffery Adam Everett MLB short stop since 2001, now with Detroit Tigers
Cliff Floyd Cornelius Clifford Floyd MLB outfielder since 1993, last with San Diego Padres
Travis Fryman David Travis Fryman MLB third baseman 1990-2002, last with Cleveland Indians
Aaron Fultz Richard Aaron Fultz MLB pitcher since 2000, last with Newark Bears
Lou Gehrig Henry Louis Gehrig New York Yankees first baseman 1923-39
Ken Griffey, Jr. George Kenneth Griffey, Jr. MLB outfielder since 1989, now with Seattle Mariners
Ken Griffey, Sr. George Kenneth Griffey,Sr. MLB outfielder 1973-1991, last with Seattle Mariners
Roy Halladay Harry Leroy Halladay III Toronto Blue Jays pitcher since 1998
Rich Harden James Richard Harden MLB pitcher since 2003, now with Chicago Cubs
LaMarr Hoyt Dewey LaMarr Hoyt MLB pitcher 1979-86, last with San Diego Padres
Brandon Inge Charles Brandon Inge Detroit Tigers third baseman since 2001
Adam LaRoche David Adam LaRoche MBL first baseman since 2004, now with Atlanta Braves
Jason LaRue Michael Jason LaRue MLB catcher since 1999, now with St. Louis Cardinals
Mike MacDougal Robert Meiklejohn MacDougal Washington Nationals pitcher since 2001
Dennis Martinez José Dennis Marinez MLB pitcher 1976-98, last with Atlanta Braves
Macay McBride Joseph Macay McBride MLB pitcher since 2005, now with Detroit Tigers
Kevin McReynolds Walter Kevin McReynolds MLB outfielder 1983-94, last with Kansas City Royals
Ben McDonald Larry Bernard McDonald MLB pitcher 1989-1997, last with Milwaukee Brewers
Trot Nixon Christopher Trotman Nixon MLB left fielder 1996-2008, last with New York Mets
Corey Patterson Donald Corey Patterson MLB center fielder since 2000, now with Milwaukee Brewers
Albert Pujols José Alberto Pujols Alcantara St. Louis Cardinals first baseman since 2001
Shane Reynolds Richard Shane Reynolds MLB pitcher 1992-2004, last with Arizona Diamondbacks
Royce Ring Roger Royce Ring MLB pitcher since 2005, now with St. Louis Cardinals
Nolan Ryan Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr. MLB pitcher 1966-93, last with Texas Rangers
Tom Seaver George Thomas Seaver MLB pitcher 1967-86, last with Boston Red Sox
Cory Snyder James Cory Snyder MLB outfielder 1986-94, last with Los Angeles Dodgers
Mike Stanton William Michael Stanton MLB pitcher 1989-2007, last with Cincinnati Reds
Scott Sullivan William Scott Sullivan MLB pitcher 1995-2004, last with Kansas City Royals
Bruce Sutter Howard Bruce Sutter MLB pitcher 1976-88, last with Atlanta Braves
Walt Terrell Charles Walter Terrell MLB pitcher, 1982-92, last with Detroit Tigers
Bubba Trammell Thomas Bubba Trammell MLB outfielder 1997-2003, last with New York Yankees
David Weathers John David Weathers MLB pitcher since 1991, now with Milwaukee Braves
Kip Wells Robert Kip Wells MLB pitcher since 1999, now with Cincinnati Reds
Hoyt Wilhelm James Hoyt Wilhelm MLB pitcher 1952-72, last with Los Angeles Dodgers
Brad Wilkerson Stephen Bradley Wilkerson MLB first baseman/ outfielder 2001-08, last with Toronto Blue Jays
Randy Winn Dwight Randolph Winn MLB outfielder since 1998, now with San Francisco Giants


Randy Allen James Randall Allen NBA forward with Sacramento Kings, 1988-90
Ray Allen Walter Ray Allen NBA shooting guard now with Boston Celtics
Bob Armstrong T. Robert Armstron pro basketball player for Philadelphia Warriors, 1955-57
Ruthie Bolton Alice Ruth Bolton pro WNBA player with Sacramento Monarchs, 1997-2004
Tom McMillen Charles Thomas McMillen pro basketball player, 1975-86, last with Washington Bullets
Michelle Snow Donnette Jé-Michelle Snow WNBA player since 2002, now with Atlanta Dream
Chris Webber Mayce Edward Christopher Webber pro basketball player 1993-2008, last with Golden State Warriors


Ethan Albright Lawrence Ethan Albright NFL center since 1994, now with Washington Redskins
Devin Aromashodu Gbolahan Devin Aromashodu NFL wide receiver since 2006, now with Chicago Bears
Rondé Barber Jamael Orondé Barber NFL cornerbback with Tampa Bay Buccaneers since 1997
Beau Bell James Beaumont Bell NFL linebacker with Cleveland Browns since 2008
Phil Bengston John Phillip Bengston Green Bay Pckers Head Coach, 1968-70
Sean Bennett William Sean Bennett NFL and CFL running back, 1999-2002
Ladell Betts Matthew Ladell Betts NFL running back with Washington Redskins since 2002
Rob Bironas James Robert Douglas Bironas NFL place kicker with Tennessee Titans since 2002
Dré Bly Donald André Bly NFL cornerback since 1999, now with San Francisco 49ers
Deion Branch Tony Deion Branch, Jr. NFL wide receiver since 2002, now with Seattle Seahawks
Matt Bryant Steven Matt Bryant NFL place kicker since 2002, now with Atlanta Falcons
Marion Campbell Francis Marion Campbell NFL lineman 1954-61 and coach 1974-89
Dom Capers Ernest Dominic Capers NFL since 1972, now with Green Bay Packers
Drew Carter Christopher Drew Carter NFL wide receiver since 2004, now a free agent
Andre Carter Rubin Andre Carter NFL defensive end with Washington Redskins since 2001
Guy Chamberlin Berlin Guy Chamberlin NFL player, 1919-28, and coach, 1922-27
Algy Clark Myers Algernon Clark NFL running back and tackle, 1930-34
Chad Clifton Jeffrey Chad Clifton NFL offensive tackle with Green Bay Packers since 2000
Keary Colbert Patrick Keary Jerel Colbert NFL wide receiver since 2004, now with Florida Tuskers
Channing Crowder Randolph Channing Crowder, Jr. NFL line backer with Miami Dolphins since 2005
Brodie Croyle John Brodie Croyle NFL quarterback with Kansas City Chiefs since 2006
Weston Dacus Robert Weston Dacus NFL linebacker with Kansas City Chiefs since 2008
Heath Evans Bryan Heath Evans NFL fullback since 2001, now with New Orleans Saints
Jay Feely Thomas Jay Feely NFL placekicker since 1999, now with New York Jets
Gary Fencik John Gary Fencik NFL free safety, 1976-87
Jabar Gaffney Derrick Jabar Gaffney NFL widereceiver since 2002, now with Denver Broncos
Chan Gailey Thomas Chandler Gailey, Jr. NFL coach since1984, last with Kansas City Chiefs, 2008-09
Curt Gatewood James Curtis Gatewood NFL linebacker since 2008, now with Pittsburgh Steelers
Shayne Graham Michael Shayne Graham NFL placekicker since 2001, now with Cincinnati Bengals
Forrest Gregg Alvis Forrest Gregg NFL offensive tackle, 1956-71, and coach, 1975-95
Rex Hadnot Jonathan Rex Hadnot, Jr. NFL guard since 2004, now with Cleveland Browns
Dante Hall Damieon Dante Hall NFL wide receiver since 2000, now with St. Louis Rams
Joey Harrington John Joseph Harrington, Jr. New Orleans Saints
Mike Hart Leon Michael Hart NFL running back with Indianapolis Colts Steelers since 2008
Tye Hill John Tye Hill NFL cornerbacke with St. Louis Rams since 2006
Vonnie Holliday Dimetry Giovonni Holliday NFL defensive end since 1998, now with Denver Broncos
Dante Hughes Daymeion Dante Hughes NFL cornerback since 2007, now with Dan Diego Chargers
Von Hutchins Tahyay DeVon Hutchins NFL cornerback/safety with Atlanta Falcons since 2004
Tyrell Johnson Marcellous Tyrell Johnson NFL safety with Minnesota Vikings since 2008
Brad Johnson James Bradley Johnson NFL quarterback 1992-2008, last with Dallas Cowboys
Brad Kassell Robert Bradley Kassell NFLlinebacker 2002-2008, last with New York Jets
Chris Kemoeatu Uikelotu Chris Kemoeatu NFL offensive guard with Pittsburgh Steelers since 2005
Luke Lawton Richard Luke Lawton NFL fullback since 2004, now with Oakland Raiders
Vonta Leach Terzell Vonta Leach NFL fullback since 2004, now with Houston Texans
Dick LeBeau Charles Richard LeBeau NFL defensive back, 1959-72, and coach since 1973, now with the Pittsburgh Steelers
Shane Lechler Edward Shane Lechler NFL punter with Oakland Raiders since 2000
Doug Legursky Wayne Douglas Legursky NFL center with Pittsburgh Steelers since 2008
Ingle Martin Harry Ingle Martin IV NFL quarterback since 2006, now with New York Sentinels
Jack Mildren Larry Jack Mildren professional football player, 1972-74
Heath Miller Earl Heath Miller, Jr. NFL tight end with Pittsburgh Steelers since 2005
Garrett Mills Michael Garrett Mills NFL tight end since 2006, now with Minnesota Vikings
Moran Norris Torrence Moran Norris NFL fullback since 2001, now with San Francisco 49ers
Davey O’Brien Robert David O’Brien Heisman Trophy winner, 1938; NFL quarterback 1939-40
Sean Payton Patrick Sean Payton NFL coach since 1988, now with the New Orleans Saints
Chad Pennington James Chadwick Pennington NFL quarterback since 2000, now with Miami Dolphins
Ray Perkins Walter Ray Perkins NFL wide receiver , 1967-71, and coach, 1973-2000
Chris Perry Raymond Christopher Perry NFL running back since 2004, now with Florida Tuskers
Mike Peterson Porter Michael Peterson NFL linebacker since 1999, now with Atlanta Falcons
Kenny Peterson James Kenneth Peterson NFL defensive end since 2003, now with Denver Broncos
Dunta Robinson Willie Dunta Robinson NFL cornerback with Houston Texans since 2004
Michael Robinson Burton Michael Robinson NFL running back with San Francisco 49ers since 2006
Eddie Royal William Edward Royal NFL wide receiver with Denver Broncos since 2008
Grey Ruegamer Christopher Grey Ruegamer NFL guard since 1999, now with Seattle Seahawks
Sean Salisbury Richard Sean Salisbury NFL and CFL quarterback, 1986-96, and former ESPN football analyst
Ian Scott Josef Ian Scott NFL defensive tackle since 2003, now with San Diego Chargers
Kendall Simmons Henry Alexander Kendall Simmons NFL guard since 2002, now with Buffalo Bills
Alex Smith Edwin Alex Smith NFL tight end since 2005, now with Philadelphia Eagles
Bart Starr Bryan Bartlett Starr Green Bay Packers quarterback, 1956-71, and coach, 1975-83
Kay Stephenson George Kay Stephenson Heisman Trophy winner, 1966, AFL quarterback, 1967-68, and NFL and CFL coach, 1983-98
Matt Stover John Matthew Stover NFL place kicker since 1990, now with Indianapolis Colts
Lofa Tatupu Mosiula Mea’alofa Tatupu NFL middle line backer with Seattle Seahawks since 2005
David Thomas John David Thomas NFL tight end since 2006, now with New Orleans Saints
Pierre Thomas Charles Pierre Thomas, Jr. NFL running back with New Orleans Saints since 2007
Mike Toudouze John Michael Toudouze NFL offensive tackle since 2000, now with New York Sentinels
Deshea Townsend Trevor Deshea Townsend NFL cornerback with Pittsburgh Steelers since 1998
Billy Volek John William Volek NFL quarterback since 2000, now with San Diego Chargers
John Wade Robert John Wade NFL center since 1988, now with Oakland Raiders
Doak Walker Ewell Doak Walker Jr. Heisman Trophy winner, 1948; NFL half back and kicker, 1950-55
Kelley Washington James Kelley Washington NFL wide receiver since 2003, now with Baltimore Ravens
Ed Weir Samuel Edwin Weir NFL offensive tackle 1926-28)
Travelle Wharton Glenn Travelle Wharton NFL offensive guard with Carolina Panthers since 2004
Jason Witten Christopher Jason Witten NFL tight end with Dallas Cowboyssince 2003
Lud Wray James R. Ludlow Wray professional football player , 1918-21, and coach, 1932-35; co-founder of the National Football League
Doug Wycoff Stephen Douglas Wycoff NFL running back, 1926-36)
Brian Young James Brian Young NFL defensive tackle 2000-2008, last with New Orleans Saints
Steve Young Jon Steven Young NFL quarterback, 1985-1999


Pat Abbott Buell Patrick Abbott professional golfer, 1960s -’70s
Woody Austin Albert Woody Austin III won 2nd place 2007 PGA Championship Tournament
Jerry Barber Carl Jerome Barber professional golfer, 1950s-’90s
Andy Bean Thomas Andrew Bean professional golfer, 1970s-present
Chad Campbell David Chad Campbell placed second in 2003 PGA Championship Tournament
Charles Coody Billy Charles Coody professional golfer, 1960s-’70s
Dave Eichelberger Martin David Eichelberger, Jr. professional golfer, 1970s.-present
Lee Elder Robert Lee Elder professional golfer, 1970s-’80s
Brian Gay Joseph Brian Gay professional golfer, 1994-present
Todd Hamilton William Todd Hamilton professional golfer, 1987-present
Claude Harmon Eugene Claude Harmon professional golfer, 1940s
Chandler Harper John Chandler Harper professional golfer, 1940s-’50s
Dudley Hart Howard Dudley Hart professional golfer, 1990-present
Mike Heinen William Michael Heinen, Jr. professional golfer, 1989- present
Dave Hill James David Hill professional golfer, 1970s-’80s
Ben Hogan William Ben Hogan professional golfer whose life was depicted in the 1951 biographical film Follow the Sun
Dorothy Kirby Mary Dorothy Kirby amateur golf champion of the 1950s and 35-year sportscaster
Kenny Knox Edward Kenneth Knox professional golfer, 1978-present
Neal Lancaster Grady Neal Lancaster professional golfer, 1985- present
Lawson Little William Lawson Little, Jr. professional golfer, 1930s-’40s
Dick Mayer Alvin Richard Mayer professional golfer, 1950s-’60s
Cary Middlecoff Emmett Cary Middlecoff professional golfer, 1940s-’50s
Byron Nelson John Byron Nelson, Jr. professional golfer, 1930s-’40s
Joe Ogilvie Norman Joseph Ogilvie professional golfer, 1996-present
Mac O’Grady Phillip McClelland O’Grady professional golfer, 1970s-’80s
Chris Perry James Christopher Perry professional golfer, 190s-present
Kenny Perry James Kenneth Perry tied for 2nd place in 2009 Masters Tournament
Chez Reavie William Chesney Reavie professional golfer, 2004-present
Mason Rudolph Edgar Mason Rudolph professional golfer, 1959-70
Denny Shute Herman Densmore Shute professional golfer, 1920s-’30s
Jay Sigel Robert Jay Sigel professional golfer, 1990s
Heath Slocum Tyler Heath Slocum professional golfer, 1996-present
Payne Stewart William Payne Stewart professional golfer, 1980s-’90s
Louise Suggs Mae Louise Suggs professional golfer, 1940s-’50s; founder of LPGA
Lanny Wadkins Jerry Lanston Wadkins, Jr. professional golfer, 1970s
Johnson Wagner Montford Johnson Wagner professional golfer, 2002-present
Harvie Ward Edward Harvie Ward, Jr. champion amateur golfer 1950s & ’60s, pro golfer ’70s-’80s
Tom Wargo Amos Tom Wargo professional golfer since 1976, PGA Seniors Champion 1993
Dudley Wysong H. Dudley Wysong, Jr. professional golfer, 1960s


Louise Brough Althea Louise Brough Clapp World No. 1 tennis champion 1940s-’50s
Don Budge John Donald Budge first person to win tennis Grand slam, 1937-38
Kathy Horvath Erica Kathleen Horvath pro tennis player, 1979-89
Don McNeill William Donald McNeill pro tennis champion, 1940s
Dennis Ralston Richard Dennis Ralston 1966 Wimbledon Champion
Tony Trabert Marion Anthony Trabert 1955 Wimbledon champion
Ellsworth Vines Henry Ellsworth Vines 1932 Wimbledon Champion

Other Sports

Eddie Arcaro George Edward Arcaro race horse jockey, 1940s-’50s
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr. NASCAR driver, 1998/99 Nationwide Series Champion
Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Champion NASCAR driver, 1980-2001
Michael Hayden John Michael Hayden pro soccer player, 2002-present
Alexi Lalas Panayotis Alexander Lalas pro soccer player, 1991-98
Lisa Lane Marianne Elizabeth Lane Hickey 1959 Women’s Chess champion
Wayne Lukas Darrell Wayne Lukas Hall of Fame thoroughbred race horse trainer
Edmund Nash Adam Edmund Nash 1956 U.S. Amateur Chess champion
Elise Ray Mary Elise Ray 2000 U.S. National gymnastic champion
Johnny Weissmuller Peter Johann Weissmuller champion swimmer of 1920s
Edgar Weldon W. Edgar Weldon Chair, Alabama Sports Hall of Fame


Jane Addams Laura Jane Addams pioneer social worker, early 20th century
Julian Bond Horace Julian Bond chairman of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), 1998-present
Charles Evers James Charles Evers civil rights advocate and politician
Urner Goodman Edward Urner Goodman national leader of Boy Scouts of America
Phillip Randolph Asa Phillip Randolph century civil rights leader, founder of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
J. Tony Serra J. Tony Serra civil rights attorney, tax resistance activist
Norman Schwarzkopf Sr. Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf Sr. Army Major-General in WWI, first superintendent of New Jersey State Police
H. Norman Schwarzkopf H. Norman Schwarzkopf Army General, Commander of Coalition Forces in 1991 Gulf War
Faye Wattleton Alice Faye Wattleton former president of Planned Parenthood

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