Art and Architecture

Known as Full name  
Howard Crane Charles Howard Crane architect known for theaters across US built in 1920s
Buckminster Fuller Richard Buckminster Fuller 20th century architect, inventor, author, futurist
Burrall Hoffman Francis Burrall Hoffman 20th century architect
Quincy Jones Archibald Quincy Jones 20th century architect and urban planner who pioneered greenbelts and green design
Fay Jones Euine Fay Jones 20th century architect
Albert Lansburgh Gustave Albert Lansburgh architect known for luxury cinemas and theaters built in 1920s
I. Rice Pereira Irene Rice Pereira 20th century abstract expressionist painter
Jackson Pollock Paul Jackson Pollock major figure in abstract expressionist movement
Neel Reid Joseph Neel Reid early 20th century Atlanta architect
Paterson Ross Thomas Paterson Ross architect responsible for much of San Francisco’s rebuilding after 1906 earthquake
Craig Severance H. Craig Severance designed New York City skyscraper now known as the Trump Tower
J. Otto Schweizer Jakob Otto Scheizer sculptor, Lincoln statue at Gettysburg
George Stewart John George Stewart Eisenhower appointee as Architect of the Capitol, 1954-70
R. Lewis Teague Roscoe Lewis Teague 20th century painter
Stewart Williams Emerson Stewart Williams California-based architect of 20th century
Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. 20th century architect and landscape architect
Harold Zook Roscoe Harold Zook 20th century architect

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