Business and Finance

Known as Full name  
Daniel Abraham S. Daniel Abraham founder, Slim-Fast Foods
Vincent Astor William Vincent Astor businessman, philanthropist; son of John Jacob Astor IV
Prestley Blake S. Prestley Blake co-founder of Friendly’s Ice Cream
William Brosnan D. William Brosnan president, U.S. Southern Railway, 1962-1967
Truett Cathy Samuel Truett Cathy founder, Chick-fil-A restaurant chain
Graham Clayton William Graham Clayton, Jr. president, Amtrak, 1982-1993
Stanley Crane L. Stanley Crane president, U.S. Southern Railway, 1977-1980
John Doerr L. John Doerr venture capitalist, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers
Christopher Flowers J. Christopher Flowers founder of JC Flowers & Co.
Steve Forbes Malcolm Stevenson Forbes, Jr. CEO, Forbes, Inc.
J. Paul Getty Jean Paul Getty founder, Getty Oil Company
Tom Golisano Blase Thomas Golisano founder, Paychex payroll processor
J. Michael Goodson J. Michaell Goodson CEO, Crest Ultrasonics Corp.
Roland Harriman Edward Roland Noel Harriman financier, philanthropist; son of railroad baron E.H. Harriman
Reed Hastings Wilmot Reed Hastings founder and CEO, Netflix
Jack Heinz Henry John Heinz II CEO H.J. Heinz Co., 1941-66
Augustus Heinze Frederick (or Fritz) Augustus Heinze 19th century copper baron
Barron Hilton William Barron Hilton co-chairman, Hilton Hotel chain
Wayne Hughes Bradley Wayne Hughes founder and chairman, Public Storage
Wayne Huizenga Harry Wayne Huizenga grew Blockbuster Video and Waste Management, Inc.
Brewster Jennings Benjamin Brewster Jennings founder, Mobile Oil
Fisk Johnson Herbert Fisk Johnson III CEO, S.C. Johnson & Son (formerly Johnson Wax)
Curtis Johnson Samuel Curtis Johnson head of Johnson Diversity
Robert Kidder C. Robert Kidder Chairman of Chrysler Group LLC
Stan Kroenke Enos Stanley Kroenke founder, Kroenke Group
Stanley Marcus Harold Stanley Marcus former CEO, Nieman Marcus, 1950-53
J. Willard Marriott John Willard Marriott founder, Marriott International
E. Pierce Marshall Everett Pierce Marshall former president, Koch Industries
J. Howard Marshall James Howard Marshall oil magnate
J. Howard Marshall II James Howard Marshall II owner and president, MDH Industries
Jim McNerny Walter James McNerny, Jr. CEO, Boeing Company, 2005-present
Edward McVaney C. Edward McVaney cofounder and former CEO, JD Edwards Corp.
Ezra Merkin Jacob Ezra Merkin Chairman, GMAC
J. Pierpont Morgan /JP Morgan John Pierpont Morgan steel magnate and financier
Rupert Murdoch Keith Rupert Murdoch founder, News Corporation and Fox Network
Jerry Perenchio Andrew Jerrold Perenchio former chairman and CEO, Univision
H. Ross Perot Henry Ross Perot, Sr. founder, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and Perot Systems; Independent candidate for US President 1992 & 1996
Ross Perot, Jr. Henry Ross Perot, Jr. CEO, Perot Systems
James Phelan J. James Phelan co-owner, Burkart-Phelan, Inc.
T. Boone Pickens Thomas Boone Pickens founder, BP Capital Management
T. Rowe Price Thomas Rowe Price, Jr. founder, investment firm T. Rowe Price
Joe Ricketts J. Joseph Ricketts founder, TD Ameritrade
Pete Ricketts John Peter Ricketts former COO, Ameritrade
A. Barry Rand Addison Barry Rand CEO, AARP
Kevin Rose Robert Kevin Rose cofounder of Internet start-ups Revision3 and Pownce, and social-bookmarking website Digg
John Rosenwald E. John Rosenwald, Jr. Vice-Chairman Bear Sterns
Denny Sanford Thomas Denny Sanford chairman and CEO, United National Corp.; founder, Premier Bankcard
O. Griffith Sexton Ormond Griffith Sexton former investment banker, Morgan Stanley
Bruton Smith Ollen Bruton Smith founder, Speedway Motorsports; owner of five NASCAR racetracks
Scott Smith N. Scott Smith cofounder, Sonic drive-in restaurant chain
Allen Stanford Robert Allen Stanford chairman, Stanford Financial Group
Alfred Taubman Adolph Alfred Taubman real estate developer, owner of twenty-three shopping malls
Ted Turner Robert Edward Turner, III founder, cable television network CNN
Roy Vagelos Pinderos Roy Vagelos former CEO, Merck & Co.
Rob Walton Samuel Robson Walton heir and chairman, Wal-Mart
Montgomery Ward Aaron Montgomery Ward inventor of mail-order business; founder, Montgomery Ward & Co.
Ty Warner H. Ty Warner founder and owner, Ty, Inc.; creator, Beanie Babies
Payne Whitney William Payne Whitney investor in banking, tobacco, railroads, mining, and oil
Scott Yeager F. Scott Yeager former Enron executive

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