Government, Federal

Known as Full name

Presidents, VPs, First Ladies

Grover Cleveland Stephen Grover Cleveland President of the United States, 1885-89, 1893-97
Woodrow Wilson Thomas Woodrow Wilson President of the United States, 1913-21
Calvin Coolidge John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. President of the United States, 1923-29
Eleanor Roosevelt Anna Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady, 1933-45
Rosalynn Carter Eleanor Rosalynn Carter First Lady, 1977-81
Dan Quayle James Danforth Quayle Vice President of the United States, 1989-93

Cabinet Secretaries, Presidential Advisors, White House Chiefs of Staff (After 1900)

Spencer Abraham Edward Spencer Abraham Secretary of Energy, 2001-05
Alexander Acosta Rene Alexander Acosta Secretary of Labor, 2017-presetn
Malcolm Baldrige Howard Malcolm Baldrige, Jr. Secretary of Commerce, 1981-87
Roy Blough J. Roy Blough member Council of Economic Advisors, 1950-52
W. Michael Blumenthal Werner Michael Blumenthal Secretary of the Treasury, 1977-79
Ramsey Clark William Ramsey Clark Attorney General, 1967-69
Douglas Dillon Clarence Douglas Dillon Sec. of State, 1959-61; Sec. of the Treasury, 1961-65
Mike Espy Alphonso Michael Espy Secretary of Agriculture, 1993-94
Averell Harriman William Averell Harriman Secretary of Commerce, 1946-48
Glenn Hubbard Robert Glenn Hubbard member Council of Economic Advisors, 2001-03
Hamilton Jordan William Hamilton McWhorter Jordan White House Chief of Staff, 1979-80
Tony Lake William Anthony Kirsopp Lake National Security Advisor, 1993-97
Lewis “Scooter” Libby Irving Lewis Libby Chief of Staff to the Vice President, 2001-05
Greg Mankiw Nicholas Gregory Mankiw Chair of Council of Economic Advisors, 2003-05
Ray Marshall Freddie Ray Marshall Secretary of Labor, 1977-81
David Matthews Forrest David Matthews Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1975-77
Howard McGrath James Howard McGrath Attorney General, 1949-52
Douglas McKay James Douglas McKay Sec. of the Interior, 1953-56
Peter McPherson M. Peter McPherson special assistant to Pres. Ford, head of USAID under Pres.Reagan
William Miller George William Miller Secretary of the Treasury, 1979-81
Frederic Morrow Everett Frederic Morrow President’s Admin. Officer for Special Projects, 1955-61
Mike Mulvaney John Michael Mulvaney Director, Office of Management & Budget, 2017-present
James Nicholson Robert James Nicholson Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 2005-07
Scott Pruitt Edward Scott Pruitt Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency, 2017-present
Dean Rusk David Dean Rusk Secretary of State, 1961-69
Strobe Talbott Nelson Strobridge Talbott III Deputy Secretary of State, 1994-2001
William Verity Calvin William Verity, Jr. Secretary of Commerce, 1987-89
Sinclair Weeks Charles Sinclair Weeks Secretary of Commerce, 1953-58
Willard Wirtz William Willard Wirtz Secretary of Labor, 1962-69

Members of Congress, Current (116th Congress)

Lamar Alexander Andrew Lamar Alexander Senator from Tennessee, 2003-present
Lacy Clay William Lacy Clay, Jr. Representative from Missouri, 2001-present
Mike Conaway Kenneth Michael Conaway Representative from Texas, 2005-present
Lou Correa Jose Luis Correa Representative from California, 2017-present
Ted Cruz Rafael Edward Cruz Senator from Texas, 2013-present
Tammy Duckworth Ladda Tammy Duckworth Senator from Illinois, 2017-present
Jimmy Duncan John James Duncan Representative from Tennessee, 1988-present
Blake Farenthold Randolph Blake Farenthold Representative from Texas, 2011-present
Bill Foster George William Foster Representative from Illinois, 2013-present
Tom Graves John Thoms Graves, Jr. Representative from Georgia, 2013-present
Morgan Griffith Howard Morgan Griffith Representative from Virginia, 2011-present
Brett Guthrie Steven Brett Guthrie Representative from Kentucky, 2009-present
Clay Higgins Glen Clay Higgins Representative from Louisiana, 2017-present
French Hill James French Hill Representative from Arkansas, 2015-present
Mike Johnson James Michael Johnson Representative from Louisiana, 2017-present
Raja Krishnamoorthi Subramanian Raja Krishnamoorthi Representative from Illinois, 2017-present
Mitch McConnell Addison Mitchel McConnell, Jr. Senator from Kentucky, 1985-present
Donald McEachin Ashton Donald McEachin Representative from Virginia, 2017-present
Luke Messer Allen Lucas Messer Representative from Indiana, 2013-present
Bill Nelson Clarence William Nelson Senator from Florida, 2001-present
Alan Nunnelee Patrick Alan Nunnelee Representative from Mississippi, 2011-present
Tom Rice Hugh Thompson Rice Representative from South Carolina, 2013-present
Pat Roberts Charles Patrick Roberts Senator from Kansas, 1997-present
Phil Roe David Phillip Roe Representative from Tennessee, 2009-present
Mitt Romney Willard Mitt Romney Senator from Utah, 2019-present
Francis Rooney Laurence Francis Rooney III Representative from Florida, 2017-present
Mike Rounds Marion Michael Rounds Representative from South Dakota, 2015-present
Austin Scott James Austin Scott Representative from Georgia, 2011-present
Jim Sensenbrenner Frank James Sensenbrenner Representative from Wisconsin, 1979-2003, Senator 2003-present
Jeanne Shaheen Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen Senator from New Hampshire, 2009-present
Mickie Sherill Rebecca Michelle Sherrill Representative from New Jersey, 2019-present
Adam Smith David Adam Smith Representative from Washington, 1997-present
Ross Spano Vincent Ross Spano Representative from Florida, 2019-present
Jackie Speier Karen Lorraine Jacqueline Speier Representative from California, 2008-present
Greg Steube William Gregory Steube Representative from Florida, 2019-present
Van Taylor Nicholas Van Campen Taylor Representative from Texas, 2019-present
Mike Thompson Charles Michael Thompson Representative from California, 2008-present
Mac Thornberry William McClellan Thornberry Representative from Texas, 1995-present
Dina Titus Alice Constandina Titus Representative from Nevada, 2009-2011, 2013-present
Mark Walker Bradley Mark Walker Representative from North Carolina, 2015-present
Ed Whitfield Wayne Edward Whitfield Representative from Kentucky, 1995-present
Roger Williams John Roger Williams Representative from Texas, 2013-present
Rob Woodall William Robert Woodall III Representative from Georgia, 2011-present

Heads of Federal Agencies and Ambassadors

Sinclair Armstrong James Sinclair Armstrong Chairman of the SEC, 1955-57
C. Fred Bergsten C. Fred Bergsten Assistant Secretary for International Affairs at US Treasury under Carter administration
A. Bruce Bielaski Alexander Bruce Bielaski director of Bureau of Investigation, 1912-19
Paul Bremer Lewis Paul Bremer director of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq, 2003-04
L. Dean Brown Lewis Dean Brown Ambassador to Jordan, 1970-99
Peter Burleigh Albert Peter Burleigh US Ambassador to United Nations, 1997-99
Graham Clayton William Graham Clayton, Jr. Secretary of the Navy, 1977-79
Bradford Cook George Bradford Cook Chairman of the SEC, 1973
Christopher Cox Charles Christopher Cox Chairman of the SEC, 2008-present
Edward Day James Edward Day Postmaster General, 1961-63
Mark Felt William Mark Felt Deputy Director FBI, 1972-73;”Deep Throat” in Watergate scandal
Richard Fredericks J. Richard Fredericks Ambassador to Switzerland, 1999-2001
W. Craig Fugate William Craig Fugate Administrator Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 2009-present
J. Kenneth “Ken” Galbraith John Kenneth Galbraith Ambassador to India, 1961-63; economist
L. Patrick Gray Louis Patrick Gray Acting Director of the FBI, 1972-73
J. Edgar Hoover John Edgar Hoover first director of FBI, 1935-72
E. Howard Hunt Everette Howard Hunt CIA agent; special investigator for President Nixon
C. Everett Koop Charles Everett Koop Surgeon General of United States, 1981-89
Bert Lance Thomas Bertram Lance director, Office of Management and Budget, 1977
G. Gordon Liddy George Gordon Battle Liddy FBI agent; special investigator for President Nixon
Lee McClung Thomas Lee McClung Treasurer of the U.S., 1909-12
William Middendorf John William Middendorf II Secretary of the Navy, 1974-77
Lynn Pascoe B. Lynn Pascoe UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs, 2004-07
David Paulison Robert David Paulison former Administrator Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Whitten Peters Frederick Whitten Peters Secretary of the Air Force, 1997-2001
Clawson Roop James Clawson Roop director of the U.S. Bureau of the Budget, 1929-1933
Sargent Shriver Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. first director of the Peace Corps, 1961-66
Chris Stevens John Christopher Stevens Ambassador to Libya, 2012; killed in consulate attack
Theodore Tate Harold Theodore Tate Treasurer of the U.S., 1928-29
Robert Tisch Preston Robert Tisch Postmaster General, 1986-1988
Marvin Watson William Marvin Watson Postmaster General, 1968-1969
James Woolsey Robert James Woolsey, Jr. director of the Central Intelligence Agency, 1993-95

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