Government, State and Local

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Governors, Lieutenant Governors

Sherman Adams Llewelyn Sherman Adams Governor of New Hampshire, 1949-53
Lamar Alexander Andrew Lamar Alexander Governor of Tennessee, 1979-87
Elmer Anderson Clyde Elmer Anderson Governor of Minnesota, 1951-55
Hugo Aronson John Hugo Aronson Governor of Montana, 1953-61
Thruston Ballard Samuel Thruston Ballard Lt. Governor of Kentucky, 1919-23
Wally Barron William Wallace Barron Governor of West Virginia, 1961-65
André Bauer R. André Bauer Lt. Governor of South Carolina, 2003 -present
Evan Bayh Birch Evan Bayh III Governor of Indiana, 1989-97
Livingston Beeckman Robert Livingston Beeckman Governor of Rhode Island, 1915-21
Ray Blanton Leonard Ray Blanton Governor of Tennessee, 1975-79
Cale Boggs James Caleb Boggs Governor of Delaware, 1961-73
William Bray M. William Bray Lt. Governor of New York, 1933-38
Owen Brewster Ralph Owen Brewster Governor of Maine, 1925-29
Styles Bridges Henry Styles Bridges Governor of New Hampshire, 1937-61
Melville Broughton Joseph Melville Broughton Governor of North Carolina, 1941-45
Gratz Brown Benjamin Gratz Brown Governor of Missouri, 1871-73
Farris Bryant Cecil Farris Bryant Governor of Florida, 1961-65
Douglass Buck Clayton Douglass Buck Governor of Delaware, 1943-49
Garry Buckley T. Garry Buckley Lt. Governor of Vermont, 1977-79
Haydon Burns William Haydon Burns Governor of Florida, 1965-67
Mike Callihan Collis Michael Callihan Lt. Governor of Colorado, 1987-94
Paul Cellucci Argeo Paul Cellucci Governor of Massachusetts, 1999-2001
Gregg Cherry Robert Gregg Cherry Governor of North Carolina, 1945-49
Grover Cleveland Stephen Grover Cleveland Governor of New York, 1883-85
Howell Cobb Thomas Howell Cobb Governor of Georgia, 1851-1853
LeRoy Collins Thomas LeRoy Collins Governor of Florida, 1955-61
Calvin Coolidge John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. Governor of Massachusetts, 1919-21
Prentice Cooper William Prentice Cooper Governor of Tennessee, 1939-45
Price Daniel Marion Price Daniel Sr. Governor of Texas, 1957-63
Gray Davis Joseph Graham Davis, Jr. Governor of California, 1999-2003
George Deukmejian Courken George Deukmejian, Jr. Governor of California, 1983-91
Victor Donahey Alvin Victor Donahey Governor of Ohio, 1923-29
Winfield Dunn Bryant Winfield Culberson Dunn Governor of Tennessee, 1971-75
Howard Edmondson James Howard Edmondson Governor of Oklahoma, 1959-63
Buford Ellington Earl Buford Ellington Governor of Tennessee, 1959-63, 1967-71
Jim Exon John James Exon Governor of Nebraska, 1971-79
Cliff Finch Charles Clifton Finch Governor of Mississippi, 1976-80
Kirk Fordice Daniel Kirkwood Fordice Governor of Mississippi, 1992-2000
Foster Furcolo John Foster Furcolo Governor of Massachusetts, 1957-61
Joseph Garrahy John Joseph Garrahy Governor of Rhode Island, 1977-85
Bob Graham Daniel Robert Graham Governor of Florida, 1979-87
Bibb Graves David Bibb Graves Governor of Alabama, 1927-31, 1935-39
Marvin Griffin Samuel Marvin Griffin Governor of Georgia, 1955-59
Frank Hanly James Franklin Hanly Governor of Indiana, 1895-97
Averell Harriman William Averell Harriman Governor of NY, 1955-58
Harold LeVander Karl Harold Phillip LeVander Governor of Minnesota, 1967-71
Brantley Harvey William Brantley Harvey, Jr. Lt. Governor of South Carolina, 1975-79
Mike Hayden John Michael Hayden Governor of Kansas, 1987-91
Brad Henry Charles Bradford Henry Governor of Oklahoma, 2003-present
Elmer Holt William Elmer Holt Governor of Montana, 1935-37
Linwood Holton Abner Linwood Holton, Jr. Governor of Virginia, 1970-74
Guy Hunt Harold Guy Hunt Governor of Alabama, 1987-93
Lon Johnson William Lon Johnson Lt. Governor of Washington, 1925-29
Bob Kerry Joseph Robert Kerry Governor of Nebraska, 1983-87
Ray Keyser Frank Ray Keyser, Jr. Governor of Vermont, 1961-63
Proctor Knott James Proctor Knott Governor of Kentucky, 1883-87
Berkeley Larson J. Berkeley Larson Lt. Governor of Idaho, 1955-59
Bracken Lee Joseph Bracken Lee Governor of Utah, 1944-57
T. John Lesinki Thaddeus John Lewinki Lt. Governor of Michigan, 1961-64
Howard McGrath James Howard McGrath Governor of Rhode Island, 1941-45
Douglas McKay James Douglas McKay Governor of Oregon, 1949-52
Jack Mildren Larry Jack Mildren Lt. Governor of Oklahoma, 1991-95
Wayne Mixson John Wayne Mixson Lt. Governor of Florida, 1979-87
Harry Moore Arthur Harry Moore Governor of New Jersey, 1926-29, 1932-35, 1938-41
Ronnie Musgrove David Ronald Musgrove Governor of Mississippi, 2000-04
Ben Nelson Earl Benjamin Nelson Governor of Nebraska, 1991-99
Keith Neville Morell Keith Neville Governor of Nebraska, 1917-19
Lee O’Daniel Wilbert Lee O’Daniel Governor of Texas, 1941-49
William O’Neill Crone William O’Neill Governor of Ohio, 1957-59
Val Oveson W. Val Oveson Lt. Governor of Utah, 1977-79
Rick Perry James Richard Perry Governor of Texas, 2000-present
Gordon Persons Seth Gordon Persons Governor of Alabama, 1951-55
Val Peterson Frederick Valdemar Erastus Peterson Governor of Nebraska, 1947-53
M. Jodi Rell Mary Jodi Rell Governor of Connecticut, 2004-2011
Sargeant Reynolds Julian Sargeant Reynolds Lt. Governor of Virginia, 1970-71
Ann Richards Dorothy Ann Willis Richards Governor of Texas, 1991-95
Bill Ritter August William Ritter, Jr. Governor of Colorado, 2007-2011
Mitt Romney Willard Mitt Romney Governor of Massachusetts, 2002-06
Ben Ross Charles Ben Ross Governor of Idaho, 1931-37
Mike Rounds Marion Michael Rounds Governor of South Dakota, 2003-2011
Terry Sanford James Terry Sanford Governor of North Carolina, 1986-93
Kerr Scott William Kerr Scott Governor of North Carolina, 1949-53
Jeanne Shaheen Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen Governor of New Hampshire, 1997-2003
Brian Schweitzer David Brian Schweitzer Governor of Montana, 2005-2012
Allan Shivers Robert Allan Shivers Governor of Texas, 1949-57
Hoke Smith Michael Hoke Smith Governor of Georgia, 1907-09, 1911
Wilbert Snow Charles Wilbert Snow Lt. Governor/Governor of Connecticut, 1945-47
Chauncy Sparks George Chauncy Sparks Governor of Alabama, 1943-47
Fife Symington John Fife Symington Governor of Arizona, 1991-97
Millard Tawes John Millard Tawes Governor of Maryland, 1959-67
Pat Taylor Hoyt Patrick Taylor, Jr. Lt. Governor of North Carolina, 1969-73
Clifford Townsend Maurice Clifford Townsend Governor of Indiana, 1937-41
Ernest Vandiver Samuel Ernest Vandiver, Jr. Governor of Georgia, 1959-63
Emile Verret J. Emile Verret Lt. Governor of Louisiana, 1944-48
Douglas Wilder Lawrence Douglas Wilder Governor of Virginia, 1990-94
Malcolm Wilson Charles Malcolm Wilson Governor of New York, 1973-74
Woodrow Wilson Thomas Woodrow Wilson Governor of New Jersey, 1911-13
Harriette Woods Ruth Harriette Woods Lt. Governor of Missouri, 1985-89

State Officials and Mayors

Ken Blackwell John Kenneth Blackwell Ohio Secretary of State, 1999-2007
Chris Bollwage James Christian Bollwage mayor of Elizabeth, NJ, 2008-present
Ralph Mollis A. Ralph Mollis Rhode Island Secretary of State, 2006-present
Ray Nagin Clarence Ray Nagin, Jr. mayor of New Orleans, 2002-2010
Susan Savage Mary Susan Savage Oklahoma Secretary of State, 2003-present
Douglas Wilder Lawrence Douglas Wilder mayor of Richmond, Va., 2005-09

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