Science, Medicine, and Education

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Aeronautics and Astronomy

Julian Allen Harvy Julian Allen director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, 1965-68
Porter (or G.P.) Bridwell Gene Porter Bridwell director of NASA’s Marshall Research Center, 1994-96
Scott Carpenter Malcolm Scott Carpenter Naval test pilot; one of original 1959 Mercury astronauts
Gordon Cooper Leroy Gordon Cooper Colonel USAF; one of original 1959 Mercury astronauts
Scott Crossfield Albert Scott Crossfield aeronautical engineer, test pilot for NACA (predecessor of NASA), 1950-55
Jan Davis Nancy Jan Davis astronaut, 1987-97
Alvin Drew Benjamin Alvin Drew Colonel, USAF; astronaut, 2000-present
Scott Dunbar R. Scott Dunbar astronomer, co-discoverer of eight asteroids
Michael Fincke Edward Michael Fincke Colonel, USAF; astronaut, 1996- present
Richard Fisher J. Richard Fisher astronomer at National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Gordon Fullerton Charles Gordon Fullerton Air Force test pilot; astronaut, 1969-86
Keith Glennan Thomas Keith Glennan first Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 1958-61
David Griggs Stanley David Griggs Navy test pilot; astronaut, 1978-89
Blaine Hammond Lloyd Blaine Hammond, Jr. Colonel, USAF; astronaut, 1984-present
Scott Hubbard G. Scott Hubbard Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, 2002-2006
J. Allen Hynek Joseph Allen Hynek astronomer best remembered for UFO research with U.S. Air Force
David Low George David Low astronaut, 1984-94
Megan McArthur Katherine Megan McArthur astronaut, 2000-present
Christa McAuliffe Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe teacher killed in 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
Curt Michel F. Curtis Michel scientist-astronaut, 1965-69
Story Musgrave Franklin Story Musgrage astronaut
C. Donald Shane Charles Donald Shane astronomer and director of the Lick Observatroy of the University of California, 1945-58
H. Paul Shcuh Howard Paul Shuch aerospace engineer and microwave technologist involved in search for extraterrestrial intelligence
Brent Tully R. Brent Tully astronomer at Institute for Astronomy in Honolulu
Thomas Young A. Thomas Young Director of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, 1980-82

Nobel Laureates

J. Michael Bishop John Michael Bishop Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1989
Carleton Gajdusik C. Carleton Gajdusik Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1976
Robert Horvitz H. Robert Horvitz Nobel Prize in Medicine, 2002
Tim Hunt R. Timothy Hunt Nobel Prize in Medicine, 2001
Gobind Khorana H. Gobind Khorana Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1968
David Politzer H. David Politzer Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004
Sherwood Rowland F. Sherwood Rowland Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1995
Barry Sharpless Karl Barry Sharpless Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2001
Michael Spence A. Michael Spence Nobel Prize in Economics, 2001
Don Thomas Edward Donnall Thomas Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1990

University Scholars, Faculty, Administrators

E. Digby Baltzell Edward Digby Baltzell Sociologist, Professor of History and Sociology at University of Pennsylvania, 1947-86; invented acronym WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)
Doak Barnett Arthur Doak Barnett Columbia University professor, author
Edwards Deming William Edwards Deming Columbia University mathematician, engineer
Bill Domhoff George William Domhoff Research Professor in Psychology and Sociology at University of California, Santa Crus; author of Who Rules America? 1967
Bruce Donoff R. Bruce Donoff Dean, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
M. Judah Folkman Moses Judah Folkman medical scientist; professor at Harvard Medical School
Lee Fritschler A. Lee Fritschler professor of public policy at George Mason University; author
Gordon Gee Elwood Gordon Gee president, Ohio State University
Bart Giamatti Angelo Bartlett Giamatti mathematician; President of Yale College, 1978-1986
J. Richard Gott John Richard Gott professor of astrophysical sciences at Princeton University
G. Stanley Hall Granville Stanley Hall pioneering psychologist and educator; first president of Clark University
Lowell Harriss Clement Lowell Harriss Columbia University economist
John Ikenberry G. John Ikenberry Princeton professor; international relations theorist
King Jordan Irving King Jordan president of Gallaudet University, 1988-2006
Frank Kermode John Frank Kermode Columbia University literature professor, author
Kenneth Koch Jay Kenneth Koch Columbia University professor, poet
Tom Leighton Frank Thomson Leighton MIT professor of applied mathematics; co-founder Akamai Technologies
Perry Link E. Perry Link sinologist, professor at University of California– Riverside
Brander Matthews James Brander Matthews Columbia University professor, author
Wright Mills Charles Wright Mills sociologist; Professor at Columbia University, 1946-62; author of The Power Elite, 1956
Lee Pelton M. Lee Pelton president Willamette University
James Rainwater Leo James Rainwater physicist, Columbia University professor, 1932-86
Taylor Reveley W. Taylor Reveley III president of the College of William and Mary
Guyford Stever Horton Guyford Stever physicist, president of Carnegie Mellon University, 1965-72
G. Malcolm Trout George Malcolm Trout professor in food science at Michigan State University for almost fifty years
G. Ernest Wright George Ernest Wright Old Testament scholar, biblical archaeologist, Harvard professor

Other Science and Medicine

C. Olin Ball Charles Olin Ball food technologist involved in food canning research of 1920s and ’30s
William Beebe Charles William Beebe zoologist, ocean explorer
D. Allan Bromley David Allan Bromley physicist, scientific advisor to Presidents Reagan G.H.W. Bush
Paul Butler R. Paul Butler Discover Magazine’s 2003 “Space Scientist of the Year”
Thomas Caskey C. Thomas Caskey geneticist, editor of Annual Review of Medicine
Chapin Cutler C. Chapin Cutler electrical engineer at Bell Labs
Michael Gear W. Michael Gear archaeologist, author of First North American series
J. Willard Gibbs Josiah Willard Gibbs theoretical physicist, chemist, mathematician; “Gibbs’s Phenomenon”
Gordon Gould Richard Gordon Gould physicist, invented laser
Newton Harvey Edmund Newton Harvey zoologist, expert on light-emitting organisms
Evelyn Hutchinson George Evelyn Hutchinson sociologist; father of American limnology
Charles Kendeigh Samuel Charles Kendeigh ornithologist; cofounder of the Nature Conservatory
Ken Musgrave Forest Kenton Musgrave creator of 3d graphics software Mojo World; CEO of marketer Pandromeda Inc.
Robert Oppenheimer J. Robert Oppenheimer physicist; scientific director of the Manhattan Project
Roger Porter J. Roger Porter internationally known microbiologist
Anthony Rankin E. Anthony Rankin president, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Lee Spence Edward Lee Spence underwater archaeologist and shipwreck expert
David Tilman G. David Tilman director of the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve Long-term Ecological Research Station

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