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Olympic Medalists

Thane Baker Walter Thane Baker Gold, track and field, 1956
Randy Barnes Eric Randolph Barnes Gold, track and field, 1996
Arthur Blake Charles Arthur Blake Silver, track and field, 1896
Ruthie Bolton Alice Ruth Bolton Gold, women’s basketball, 2996, 2000
Herman Brix Harold Herman Brix Silver, track and field, 1928
Ken Carpenter William Kenneth Carpenter Gold, track and field, 1936
Joey Cheek William Joseph Cheek Gold, men’s speed skating, 2006
Wesley Coe William Wesley Coe Silver, track and field, 1904
Jim Delaney Francis James Delaney Silver, track and field, 1948
Gail Devers Yolanda Gail Devers Gold, track and field, 1992, 1996
Harrison Dillard William Harrison Dillard Gold, track and field, 1948, 1952
Paul Drayton Otis Paul Drayton Gold, track and field, 1964
Chandler Egan Henry Chandler Egan Gold, golf, 1904
Archie Hahn Charles Archibald Hahn Gold, track and field, 1904
Truxton Hare Thomas Truxton Hare Silver, track and field, 1900
Glenn Hartranft Samuel Glenn Hartranft Silver, track and field, 1924
Darrow Hooper Clarence Darrow Hooper Silver, track and field, 1952
Clarence Houser Lemuel Clarence Houser Gold, track and field, 1924, 1928
Welles Hoyt William Welles Hoyt Gold, track and field, 1896
Larry James George Lawrence James Gold, track and field, 1968
Bruce Jenner William Bruce Jenner Gold, track and field, 1976
Earl Johnson Richard Earle Johnson Silver, track and field, 1924
Florence Griffith Joyner Delorez Florence Griffith Joyner Gold, track and field, 1988
Al LeConey Jeremiah Alfred LeConey Gold, track and field, 1924
Carl Lewis Frederick Carlton Lewis Gold, track and field, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996
Blaine Lindgren Harold Blaine Lindgren Gold, track and field, 1963
Randy Matson James Randel Matson Gold, track and field, 1968
Terry McDermott Richard Terrance McDermott Gold, men’s speed skating, 1964
Oliver McDonald Joseph Oliver McDonald Gold, track and field, 1924
Ted Meredit James Edwin Meredith Gold, track and field, 1912
Anita Nall Nadia Anita Nall Gold, competitive swimming, 1992
Jack Parker Roger Jack Parker Bronze, track and field, 1936
Lambert Redd Charles Lambert Redd Silver, track and field, 1932
Louis Scott Henry Louis Scott Gold, track and field, 1912
Larry Shields Marion Lawrence Shields Bronze, track and field, 1920
Ginn Smith Owen Ginn Smith Gold, track and field, 1948
Dean Smith Finis Dean Smith Gold, track and field, 1952
Morgan Taylor Frederick Morgan Taylor Gold, track and field, 1924
Walter Tewksbury John Walter Beardsley Tewksbury Gold, track and field, 1900
Eddie Tolan Thomas Edward Tolan Gold, track and field, 1932
Emmett Toppino Martin Emmett Toppino Gold, track and field, 1932
Chris von Saltza Susan Christina von Saltza Gold, competitive swimming, 1960


Kevin Appier Robert Kevin Appier MLB pitcher 1989-2004, last with Kansas City Royals
Scott Baker Timothy Scott Baker Minnesota Twins pitcher since 2005
Paul Bako Gabor Paul Bako MLB catcher since 1998, now with Philadelphia Phillies
Lance Berkman William Lance Berkman Houston Astros first baseman since 1999
Casey Blake William Casey Blake MLB third baseman since 1999, now with Los Angeles Dodgers
Bert Blyleven Rik Aalbert Blyleven MLB pitcher 1970-92, last with California Angels
Kevin Brown James Kevin Brown MLB pitcher 1986-2005, last with New York Yankees
Chris Chambliss Carroll Christopher Chambliss MLB first baseman 1977-81, last with New York Yankees
Roger Clemens William Roger Clemens MLB pitcher 1984-2007, last with New York Yankees
Alex Cora José Alexander Cora MLB infielder since 1998, now with New York Mets
Kyle Davies Hiram Kyle Davies MLB pitcher since 2005, now with Kansas City Royals
Zach Day Stephen Zachary Day MLB pitcher 2002-2006, last with Washington Nationals
Shelley Duncan David Shelley Duncan New York Yankees first baseman/ outfielder since 2007
Damion Easley Jacinto Damion Easley MLB infielder 1992-2008, last with New York Mets
Scott Elarton Vincent Scott Elarton MLB pitcher 1998-2008, last with Cleveland Indians
Shawn Estes Aaron Shawn Estes MLB pitcher 1995-2008, last with San Diego Padres
Adam Everett Jeffery Adam Everett MLB short stop since 2001, now with Detroit Tigers
Cliff Floyd Cornelius Clifford Floyd MLB outfielder since 1993, last with San Diego Padres
Travis Fryman David Travis Fryman MLB third baseman 1990-2002, last with Cleveland Indians
Aaron Fultz Richard Aaron Fultz MLB pitcher since 2000, last with Newark Bears
Lou Gehrig Henry Louis Gehrig New York Yankees first baseman 1923-39
Ken Griffey, Jr. George Kenneth Griffey, Jr. MLB outfielder since 1989, now with Seattle Mariners
Ken Griffey, Sr. George Kenneth Griffey,Sr. MLB outfielder 1973-1991, last with Seattle Mariners
Roy Halladay Harry Leroy Halladay III Toronto Blue Jays pitcher since 1998
Rich Harden James Richard Harden MLB pitcher since 2003, now with Chicago Cubs
LaMarr Hoyt Dewey LaMarr Hoyt MLB pitcher 1979-86, last with San Diego Padres
Brandon Inge Charles Brandon Inge Detroit Tigers third baseman since 2001
Adam LaRoche David Adam LaRoche MBL first baseman since 2004, now with Atlanta Braves
Jason LaRue Michael Jason LaRue MLB catcher since 1999, now with St. Louis Cardinals
Mike MacDougal Robert Meiklejohn MacDougal Washington Nationals pitcher since 2001
Dennis Martinez José Dennis Marinez MLB pitcher 1976-98, last with Atlanta Braves
Macay McBride Joseph Macay McBride MLB pitcher since 2005, now with Detroit Tigers
Kevin McReynolds Walter Kevin McReynolds MLB outfielder 1983-94, last with Kansas City Royals
Ben McDonald Larry Bernard McDonald MLB pitcher 1989-1997, last with Milwaukee Brewers
Trot Nixon Christopher Trotman Nixon MLB left fielder 1996-2008, last with New York Mets
Corey Patterson Donald Corey Patterson MLB center fielder since 2000, now with Milwaukee Brewers
Albert Pujols José Alberto Pujols Alcantara St. Louis Cardinals first baseman since 2001
Shane Reynolds Richard Shane Reynolds MLB pitcher 1992-2004, last with Arizona Diamondbacks
Royce Ring Roger Royce Ring MLB pitcher since 2005, now with St. Louis Cardinals
Nolan Ryan Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr. MLB pitcher 1966-93, last with Texas Rangers
Tom Seaver George Thomas Seaver MLB pitcher 1967-86, last with Boston Red Sox
Cory Snyder James Cory Snyder MLB outfielder 1986-94, last with Los Angeles Dodgers
Mike Stanton William Michael Stanton MLB pitcher 1989-2007, last with Cincinnati Reds
Scott Sullivan William Scott Sullivan MLB pitcher 1995-2004, last with Kansas City Royals
Bruce Sutter Howard Bruce Sutter MLB pitcher 1976-88, last with Atlanta Braves
Walt Terrell Charles Walter Terrell MLB pitcher, 1982-92, last with Detroit Tigers
Bubba Trammell Thomas Bubba Trammell MLB outfielder 1997-2003, last with New York Yankees
David Weathers John David Weathers MLB pitcher since 1991, now with Milwaukee Braves
Kip Wells Robert Kip Wells MLB pitcher since 1999, now with Cincinnati Reds
Hoyt Wilhelm James Hoyt Wilhelm MLB pitcher 1952-72, last with Los Angeles Dodgers
Brad Wilkerson Stephen Bradley Wilkerson MLB first baseman/ outfielder 2001-08, last with Toronto Blue Jays
Randy Winn Dwight Randolph Winn MLB outfielder since 1998, now with San Francisco Giants


Randy Allen James Randall Allen NBA forward with Sacramento Kings, 1988-90
Ray Allen Walter Ray Allen NBA shooting guard now with Boston Celtics
Bob Armstrong T. Robert Armstron pro basketball player for Philadelphia Warriors, 1955-57
Ruthie Bolton Alice Ruth Bolton pro WNBA player with Sacramento Monarchs, 1997-2004
Tom McMillen Charles Thomas McMillen pro basketball player, 1975-86, last with Washington Bullets
Michelle Snow Donnette Jé-Michelle Snow WNBA player since 2002, now with Atlanta Dream
Chris Webber Mayce Edward Christopher Webber pro basketball player 1993-2008, last with Golden State Warriors


Ethan Albright Lawrence Ethan Albright NFL center since 1994, now with Washington Redskins
Devin Aromashodu Gbolahan Devin Aromashodu NFL wide receiver since 2006, now with Chicago Bears
Rondé Barber Jamael Orondé Barber NFL cornerbback with Tampa Bay Buccaneers since 1997
Beau Bell James Beaumont Bell NFL linebacker with Cleveland Browns since 2008
Phil Bengston John Phillip Bengston Green Bay Pckers Head Coach, 1968-70
Sean Bennett William Sean Bennett NFL and CFL running back, 1999-2002
Ladell Betts Matthew Ladell Betts NFL running back with Washington Redskins since 2002
Rob Bironas James Robert Douglas Bironas NFL place kicker with Tennessee Titans since 2002
Dré Bly Donald André Bly NFL cornerback since 1999, now with San Francisco 49ers
Deion Branch Tony Deion Branch, Jr. NFL wide receiver since 2002, now with Seattle Seahawks
Matt Bryant Steven Matt Bryant NFL place kicker since 2002, now with Atlanta Falcons
Marion Campbell Francis Marion Campbell NFL lineman 1954-61 and coach 1974-89
Dom Capers Ernest Dominic Capers NFL since 1972, now with Green Bay Packers
Drew Carter Christopher Drew Carter NFL wide receiver since 2004, now a free agent
Andre Carter Rubin Andre Carter NFL defensive end with Washington Redskins since 2001
Guy Chamberlin Berlin Guy Chamberlin NFL player, 1919-28, and coach, 1922-27
Algy Clark Myers Algernon Clark NFL running back and tackle, 1930-34
Chad Clifton Jeffrey Chad Clifton NFL offensive tackle with Green Bay Packers since 2000
Keary Colbert Patrick Keary Jerel Colbert NFL wide receiver since 2004, now with Florida Tuskers
Channing Crowder Randolph Channing Crowder, Jr. NFL line backer with Miami Dolphins since 2005
Brodie Croyle John Brodie Croyle NFL quarterback with Kansas City Chiefs since 2006
Weston Dacus Robert Weston Dacus NFL linebacker with Kansas City Chiefs since 2008
Heath Evans Bryan Heath Evans NFL fullback since 2001, now with New Orleans Saints
Jay Feely Thomas Jay Feely NFL placekicker since 1999, now with New York Jets
Gary Fencik John Gary Fencik NFL free safety, 1976-87
Jabar Gaffney Derrick Jabar Gaffney NFL widereceiver since 2002, now with Denver Broncos
Chan Gailey Thomas Chandler Gailey, Jr. NFL coach since1984, last with Kansas City Chiefs, 2008-09
Curt Gatewood James Curtis Gatewood NFL linebacker since 2008, now with Pittsburgh Steelers
Shayne Graham Michael Shayne Graham NFL placekicker since 2001, now with Cincinnati Bengals
Forrest Gregg Alvis Forrest Gregg NFL offensive tackle, 1956-71, and coach, 1975-95
Rex Hadnot Jonathan Rex Hadnot, Jr. NFL guard since 2004, now with Cleveland Browns
Dante Hall Damieon Dante Hall NFL wide receiver since 2000, now with St. Louis Rams
Joey Harrington John Joseph Harrington, Jr. New Orleans Saints
Mike Hart Leon Michael Hart NFL running back with Indianapolis Colts Steelers since 2008
Tye Hill John Tye Hill NFL cornerbacke with St. Louis Rams since 2006
Vonnie Holliday Dimetry Giovonni Holliday NFL defensive end since 1998, now with Denver Broncos
Dante Hughes Daymeion Dante Hughes NFL cornerback since 2007, now with Dan Diego Chargers
Von Hutchins Tahyay DeVon Hutchins NFL cornerback/safety with Atlanta Falcons since 2004
Tyrell Johnson Marcellous Tyrell Johnson NFL safety with Minnesota Vikings since 2008
Brad Johnson James Bradley Johnson NFL quarterback 1992-2008, last with Dallas Cowboys
Brad Kassell Robert Bradley Kassell NFLlinebacker 2002-2008, last with New York Jets
Chris Kemoeatu Uikelotu Chris Kemoeatu NFL offensive guard with Pittsburgh Steelers since 2005
Luke Lawton Richard Luke Lawton NFL fullback since 2004, now with Oakland Raiders
Vonta Leach Terzell Vonta Leach NFL fullback since 2004, now with Houston Texans
Dick LeBeau Charles Richard LeBeau NFL defensive back, 1959-72, and coach since 1973, now with the Pittsburgh Steelers
Shane Lechler Edward Shane Lechler NFL punter with Oakland Raiders since 2000
Doug Legursky Wayne Douglas Legursky NFL center with Pittsburgh Steelers since 2008
Ingle Martin Harry Ingle Martin IV NFL quarterback since 2006, now with New York Sentinels
Jack Mildren Larry Jack Mildren professional football player, 1972-74
Heath Miller Earl Heath Miller, Jr. NFL tight end with Pittsburgh Steelers since 2005
Garrett Mills Michael Garrett Mills NFL tight end since 2006, now with Minnesota Vikings
Moran Norris Torrence Moran Norris NFL fullback since 2001, now with San Francisco 49ers
Davey O’Brien Robert David O’Brien Heisman Trophy winner, 1938; NFL quarterback 1939-40
Sean Payton Patrick Sean Payton NFL coach since 1988, now with the New Orleans Saints
Chad Pennington James Chadwick Pennington NFL quarterback since 2000, now with Miami Dolphins
Ray Perkins Walter Ray Perkins NFL wide receiver, 1967-71, and coach, 1973-2000
Chris Perry Raymond Christopher Perry NFL running back since 2004, now with Florida Tuskers
Mike Peterson Porter Michael Peterson NFL linebacker since 1999, now with Atlanta Falcons
Kenny Peterson James Kenneth Peterson NFL defensive end since 2003, now with Denver Broncos
Dunta Robinson Willie Dunta Robinson NFL cornerback with Houston Texans since 2004
Michael Robinson Burton Michael Robinson NFL running back with San Francisco 49ers since 2006
Eddie Royal William Edward Royal NFL wide receiver with Denver Broncos since 2008
Grey Ruegamer Christopher Grey Ruegamer NFL guard since 1999, now with Seattle Seahawks
Sean Salisbury Richard Sean Salisbury NFL and CFL quarterback, 1986-96, and former ESPN football analyst
Ian Scott Josef Ian Scott NFL defensive tackle since 2003, now with San Diego Chargers
Kendall Simmons Henry Alexander Kendall Simmons NFL guard since 2002, now with Buffalo Bills
Alex Smith Edwin Alex Smith NFL tight end since 2005, now with Philadelphia Eagles
Bart Starr Bryan Bartlett Starr Green Bay Packers quarterback, 1956-71, and coach, 1975-83
Kay Stephenson George Kay Stephenson Heisman Trophy winner, 1966, AFL quarterback, 1967-68, and NFL and CFL coach, 1983-98
Matt Stover John Matthew Stover NFL place kicker since 1990, now with Indianapolis Colts
Lofa Tatupu Mosiula Mea’alofa Tatupu NFL middle line backer with Seattle Seahawks since 2005
David Thomas John David Thomas NFL tight end since 2006, now with New Orleans Saints
Pierre Thomas Charles Pierre Thomas, Jr. NFL running back with New Orleans Saints since 2007
Mike Toudouze John Michael Toudouze NFL offensive tackle since 2000, now with New York Sentinels
Deshea Townsend Trevor Deshea Townsend NFL cornerback with Pittsburgh Steelers since 1998
Billy Volek John William Volek NFL quarterback since 2000, now with San Diego Chargers
John Wade Robert John Wade NFL center since 1988, now with Oakland Raiders
Doak Walker Ewell Doak Walker Jr. Heisman Trophy winner, 1948; NFL half back and kicker, 1950-55
Kelley Washington James Kelley Washington NFL wide receiver since 2003, now with Baltimore Ravens
Ed Weir Samuel Edwin Weir NFL offensive tackle 1926-28)
Travelle Wharton Glenn Travelle Wharton NFL offensive guard with Carolina Panthers since 2004
Jason Witten Christopher Jason Witten NFL tight end with Dallas Cowboyssince 2003
Lud Wray James R. Ludlow Wray professional football player, 1918-21, and coach, 1932-35; co-founder of the National Football League
Doug Wycoff Stephen Douglas Wycoff NFL running back, 1926-36)
Brian Young James Brian Young NFL defensive tackle 2000-2008, last with New Orleans Saints
Steve Young Jon Steven Young NFL quarterback, 1985-1999


Pat Abbott Buell Patrick Abbott professional golfer, 1960s -’70s
Woody Austin Albert Woody Austin III won 2nd place 2007 PGA Championship Tournament
Jerry Barber Carl Jerome Barber professional golfer, 1950s-’90s
Andy Bean Thomas Andrew Bean professional golfer, 1970s-present
Chad Campbell David Chad Campbell placed second in 2003 PGA Championship Tournament
Charles Coody Billy Charles Coody professional golfer, 1960s-’70s
Dave Eichelberger Martin David Eichelberger, Jr. professional golfer, 1970s.-present
Lee Elder Robert Lee Elder professional golfer, 1970s-’80s
Brian Gay Joseph Brian Gay professional golfer, 1994-present
Todd Hamilton William Todd Hamilton professional golfer, 1987-present
Claude Harmon Eugene Claude Harmon professional golfer, 1940s
Chandler Harper John Chandler Harper professional golfer, 1940s-’50s
Dudley Hart Howard Dudley Hart professional golfer, 1990-present
Mike Heinen William Michael Heinen, Jr. professional golfer, 1989- present
Dave Hill James David Hill professional golfer, 1970s-’80s
Ben Hogan William Ben Hogan professional golfer whose life was depicted in the 1951 biographical film Follow the Sun
Dorothy Kirby Mary Dorothy Kirby amateur golf champion of the 1950s and 35-year sportscaster
Kenny Knox Edward Kenneth Knox professional golfer, 1978-present
Neal Lancaster Grady Neal Lancaster professional golfer, 1985- present
Lawson Little William Lawson Little, Jr. professional golfer, 1930s-’40s
Dick Mayer Alvin Richard Mayer professional golfer, 1950s-’60s
Cary Middlecoff Emmett Cary Middlecoff professional golfer, 1940s-’50s
Byron Nelson John Byron Nelson, Jr. professional golfer, 1930s-’40s
Joe Ogilvie Norman Joseph Ogilvie professional golfer, 1996-present
Mac O’Grady Phillip McClelland O’Grady professional golfer, 1970s-’80s
Chris Perry James Christopher Perry professional golfer, 190s-present
Kenny Perry James Kenneth Perry tied for 2nd place in 2009 Masters Tournament
Chez Reavie William Chesney Reavie professional golfer, 2004-present
Mason Rudolph Edgar Mason Rudolph professional golfer, 1959-70
Denny Shute Herman Densmore Shute professional golfer, 1920s-’30s
Jay Sigel Robert Jay Sigel professional golfer, 1990s
Heath Slocum Tyler Heath Slocum professional golfer, 1996-present
Payne Stewart William Payne Stewart professional golfer, 1980s-’90s
Louise Suggs Mae Louise Suggs professional golfer, 1940s-’50s; founder of LPGA
Lanny Wadkins Jerry Lanston Wadkins, Jr. professional golfer, 1970s
Johnson Wagner Montford Johnson Wagner professional golfer, 2002-present
Harvie Ward Edward Harvie Ward, Jr. champion amateur golfer 1950s & ’60s, pro golfer ’70s-’80s
Tom Wargo Amos Tom Wargo professional golfer since 1976, PGA Seniors Champion 1993
Dudley Wysong H. Dudley Wysong, Jr. professional golfer, 1960s


Louise Brough Althea Louise Brough Clapp World No. 1 tennis champion 1940s-’50s
Don Budge John Donald Budge first person to win tennis Grand slam, 1937-38
Kathy Horvath Erica Kathleen Horvath pro tennis player, 1979-89
Don McNeill William Donald McNeill pro tennis champion, 1940s
Dennis Ralston Richard Dennis Ralston 1966 Wimbledon Champion
Tony Trabert Marion Anthony Trabert 1955 Wimbledon champion
Ellsworth Vines Henry Ellsworth Vines 1932 Wimbledon Champion

Other Sports

Eddie Arcaro George Edward Arcaro race horse jockey, 1940s-’50s
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr. NASCAR driver, 1998/99 Nationwide Series Champion
Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Champion NASCAR driver, 1980-2001
Michael Hayden John Michael Hayden pro soccer player, 2002-present
Alexi Lalas Panayotis Alexander Lalas pro soccer player, 1991-98
Lisa Lane Marianne Elizabeth Lane Hickey 1959 Women’s Chess champion
Wayne Lukas Darrell Wayne Lukas Hall of Fame thoroughbred race horse trainer
Edmund Nash Adam Edmund Nash 1956 U.S. Amateur Chess champion
Elise Ray Mary Elise Ray 2000 U.S. National gymnastic champion
Johnny Weissmuller Peter Johann Weissmuller champion swimmer of 1920s
Edgar Weldon W. Edgar Weldon Chair, Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

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