United Kingdom

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King James I Charles James King of England, 1603-1625
Queen Victoria Alexandria Victoria Queen of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, 1837-1901
King Edward VII Albert Edward King of United Kingdom and British Dominions, 1901-10
King George VI Albert Frederick Arthur George King of United Kingdom and British Dominions, 1936–52


Prime Ministers

Gordon Brown James Gordon Brown UK Prime Minister, 2007-2010
James Callaghan Leonard James Callaghan UK Prime Minister, 1976-79
Neville Chamberlain Arthur Neville Chamberlain UK Prime Minister, 1937-40
Anthony Eden Robert Anthony Eden UK Prime Minister, 1955-57
Lloyd George David Lloyd George UK Prime Minister, 1916-22
Bonar Law Andrew Bonar Law UK Prime Minister, 1922-23
Harold Macmillan Maurice Harold Macmillan UK Prime Minister, 1957-63
Ramsay McDonald James Ramsay McDonald UK Prime Minister, 1931-35
Harold Wilson James Harold Wilson UK Prime Minister, 1974-76

Members of Parliament

Anthony Crosland Charles Anthony Raven Crosland British politician, Member of Parliament, 1950s- ’60s
Graham Dow Geoffrey Graham Dow Bishop of Carlisle, 2000-present; member, House of Lords
Iain Duncan-Smith George Iain Duncan-Smith British politician and Member of Parliament, 1992- 97
Gwynfor Evans Richard Gwynfor Evans Welsh politician, Member of Parliament, 1960s and ’70s
Neil Hamilton Mostyn Neil Hamilton British politician, Member of Parliament, 1983-present
Keir Hardie James Keir Hardie Scottish labor leader, Member of Parliament 1892-1915
Gerald Howarth James Gerald Howarth British politician, Member of Parliament, 1983-present
John Peel William John Peel British politician, Member of Parliament, 1957-74
Enoch Powell John Enoch Powell British politician, Member of Parliament, 1950-74
Harvey Proctor Keith Harvey Proctor British politician, member of Parliament, 1979-87
Martin Wharton John Martin Wharton Bishop of Newcastle, 1997-present; member, House of Lords
Tom Wright Nicholas Thomas Wright Bishop of Durham, 2003-present; member, House of Lords

Other Political

Fenner Brockway Archibald Fenner Brockway 20th century British politician and anti-war activist
Austen Chamberlain Sir Joseph Austin Chamberlain 20th century British politician
Norman Fowler Sir Peter Norman Fowler British politician, cabinet member under Thatcher
Geoffrey Howe Sir Richard Edward Geoffrey Howe British politician, Deputy Prime Minister, 1989-90


Benjamin Britten Edward Benjamin Britten 20th century English composer, conductor, violinist, pianist
Madelaine Carroll Edith Madelaine Carroll 20th century British actress
Sean Connery Sir Thomas Sean Connery Scottish actor known for role as first James Bond
Samantha Eggar Victoria Louise Samantha Marie Elizabeth Therese Eggar English actress of 1960s
Cary Elwes Ivan Simon Cary Elwes British actor 1979- present
Graeme Garden David Graeme Garden British actor, comedian, author, 1960s-present
Sir John Gielgud Sir Arthur John Gielgud 20th century English theater and film actor
Tyrone Guthrie Sir William Tyrone Guthrie 20th century Anglo-Irish theatrical director
Peter Ham William Peter Ham Welsh singer, leader of 1970s group Badfinger
Richard Hayden George Richard Hayden 20th century English comic actor of radio, film, TV
Kenneth Horne Charles Kenneth Horne English radio comedian, 1940s
Stan Laurel Arthur Stanley Jefferson early 20th century English comic of Laurel and Hardy team
Hugh Laurie James Hugh Calum Laurie English actor, comedian, writer, musician 1982-present
Julian Lennon John Charles Julian Lennon English singer, son of Beatle John Lennon
J. Pat O’Malley James Patrick O’Mally English singer and actor 1940s-’70s
Elisabeth Lutyens Agnes Elisabeth Lutens 20th century English composer
Paul McCartney Sir James Paul McCartney member of the Beatles
Ross McWhirter Alan Ross McWhirter Irish cofounder of Guiness Book of Records
George Melly Alan George Heywood Melly 20th century English jazz and blues singer, film and TV critic
Van Morrison George Ivan Morrison 20th/21st century singer, songwriter, instrumentalist
David Niven Sir James David Niven English actor known for role in The Pink Panther movies
Myfanwy Piper Mary Myfanwy Piper 20th century English art critic and opera librettist
J. Arthur Rank Joseph Arthur Rank 20th century British industrialist and film producer
Oliver Reed Robert Oliver Reed 20th century English actor
Heath Robinson William Heath Robinson early 20th century English cartoonist and illustrator
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Olga Maria Elisabeth Schwarzkopf 20th century German-born Austrian /British opera singer
Lytton Strachey Giles Lytton Strachey early 20th century British writer and critic
Dame Ellen Terry Alice Ellen Terry 19th century English Shakespearean actress
Roger Waters George Roger Waters English rock musician, songwriter for Pink Floyd, 1964-85
Richard Whiteley John Richard Whiteley 20th century English television presenter and journalist
Terry Wogan Sir Micahel Terence Wogan 20th century Irish radio and television broadcaster


Max Beerbohm Sir Henry Max Beerbohm early 20th century English parodist and caricaturist
Hilaire Belloc Joseph Hilaire Pierre René Belloc early 20th century French-born English writer
Arnold Bennett Enoch Arnold Bennett British novelist of the 1890s–1920s
Laurence Binyon Robert Laurence Binyon early 20th century English poet and dramatist
Hall Caine Thomas Henry Hall Caine 19th/20th century British author
Taylor Caldwell Janet Miriam Holland Taylor Caldwell 20th century Anglo-American novelist
Dame Barbara Cartland Dame Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland 20th century British Romance novelist
Richard Dawkins Clinton Richard Dawkins British scientist and author; The God Delusion
Warwick Deeping George Warwick Deeping early 20th century English novelist, short story writer
William Donaldson Charles William Donaldson 20th century English writer and satirist
Jeffery Farnol John Jeffery Farnol 20th century English romance novelist
Rider Haggard Sir Henry Rider Haggard 19th century British novelist
John Harrison Michael John Harrison British author of science fiction, 1960s-present
Richard Jeffries John Richard Jeffries 19th century English nature writer
Francis Kilvert Robert Francis Klivert 19th century English diarist
Rudyard Kipling Joseph Ruyard Kipling English author and poet; The Jungle Book (1907)
Somerset Maugham William Somerset Maugham early 20th century English playwright, novelist, short story writer
Malcome Muggeridge Thomas Malcom Muggeridge 20th century British journalist, author, satirist
Beatrix Potter Helen Beatrix Potter author of The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1901)
Virginia Woolfe Adeline Virginia Woolfe 2oth century English novelist and essayist


Falkner Allison Sherard Falkner Allison Anglican Bishop of Winchester, 1961-74
Donald Coggan Frederick Donald Coggan Anglican Bishop of Canterbury, 1974-80
Gordon Fellows William Gordon Fellows Anglican Bishop of Sheffield, 1970s
Ronald Gordon Archibald Ronald McDonald Gordon Anglican Bishop of Portsmouth, 1970s and ’80s
Trevor Huddleston Ernest Urban Trevor Huddleston 20th century Anglican Archbishop famous for anti-apartheid activism
Basil Hume Cardinal George Basil Hume Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, 1976-99
Richard Lewis John Hubert Richard Lewis Anglican Bishop of Edmunsburg and Ipswich, 1992-2007
Neville Lovett Ernest Neville Lovett Anglican Bishop of Salisbury, 1936-46
Nigel Stock William Nigel Stock Anglican Bishop of Edmunsburg and Ipswich, 2007-present
Mervyn Stockwood Arthur Mervyn Stockwood Anglican Bishop of Southwick, 1959-80
Leonard Wilson John Leonard Wilson Anglican Bishop of Birmingham, 1953-69


V. Gordon Childe Vere Gordon Childe 20th century Australian-born British archaeologist, historian
Havelock Ellis Henry Havelock Ellis 19th/ early 20th century British sexologist, physician
Nigel Gresley Sir Herbert Nigel Gresley 19th century British steam locomotive engineer and designer
Ada Lovelace Augusta Ada Lovelace 19th century English mathematician and programing pioneer
Bernard Lovell Sir Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell 20th century English physicist and radio astronomer
Robert Malthus Thomas Robert Malthus 18th/early 19th century English political economist, demographer


John Arlott Leslie Thomas John Arlott British sports writer, broadcaster, 1960s and ’70s
Alan Ball (elder) James Alan Ball British soccer player and manager, 1946-82
Colin Cowdrey Michael Colin Cowdrey English cricket player of 1950s
Kevin Keegan Joseph Kevin Keegan British soccer player and manager, 1960s-present
Kyle McCallan William Kyle McCallan Irish international soccer player, 2006-present
Terry Neill William John Terence Neill Irish international soccer player and manager, 1959-87
Gary Stevens Michael Gary Stevens British soccer player, 1982-92
Murray Walker Graeme Murray Walker British sports commentator, 1949-2001


Alistair Cooke Alfred Alistair Cooke 20th century British-American journalist, broadcaster
Luke Fildes Sir Samuel Luke Fildes 19th century English painter and illustrator

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